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    October 24th 1984.  A day that began like any other. A day that could easily get over looked in the countless pages of history. A day whose importance would not be fully realized until years and even decades later. A day of destiny. For on that day, a conflicted young phenom from the University of North Carolina made a decision that would change the course of sneaker history forever. On that day the young president of Jump Inc., inked a deal with a then struggling Nike Inc., that would form a partnership of monumental proportions. On that day, the Air Jordan was born. And from that day on, things would never be the same.

    That partnership paved the way for the creation of some of the most innovative and forward thinking sneakers the world has ever seen, powered by the living legend himself, Michael Jordan. Every design was an extension of the man himself. With each new model the world not only got a glimpse into the enormity of his greatness, we were also dazzled by the holy grails that adorned Jordan's feet.

    Watching him became a newsletter, a shining beacon of what the future holds. For we knew if the man himself unveiled them, then soon we would be able to own the very shoe that his airness wore, to overcome insurmountable odds and perform incredible feats.

    Over the years Jordan's greatness illuminated the game of basketball, outshining all others. This , of course, became something that we expected of him. But on a few very special occasions, his ether burned the very depths of our souls, with performance that could and would never be forgotten. In honor of some of those magnificent performances, Jordan Brand began releasing special edition packages to commemorate the man who would become known as the greatest basketball player that ever played the game.

    In this article will provided a catalog of the different package that have been released by Jordan Brand. 


    ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE  January 28th 2006


    This was the first time that two pairs of Jordan were released in the same package and paved the way for other packages to be released. It commemorated Jordan's first championship in 1991 and his first championship after retirement(4th overall) in 1996.

    This pack features the Black/Gold Air Jordan VIs and White/Black/Gold Air Jordan Xis. It included golden military-style dog-tags and a small golden booklet. The shoes were housed in a slide-out double box that featured key moments from each championship on plastic coverings which slid into golden outside packaging. MSRP was $295.


    ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: April 21st, 2007


    Nicknamed  Old Love /New Love this package is said to commemorate Jordan's Old Love of basketball and his new love of racing.

    included is a pair of Black Toe Air Jordan I (basketball) and a Yellow/Black Air Jordan I colorway after the official colors of his racing team.

    MSRP for this package was $200. 


    ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: March 1st, 2008


    This package was all about the fashion,combining two icons in Levi and Brand Jordan.


    ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: May 23rd, 2009



    ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE July 11th, 2009



    ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE August 22nd, 2009


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  1. jordankiks1974
    I have the DMP pack sz 10.5 sat in a long line to get them Jan 28 06 paid $296 NOT FORSALE it is the only pack i ever bought if you are a true sneakerhead DMP pack is a must have
  2. scoobynsubie
    Deff would like to see the packages finished but cool thread all the same...
  3. pinkyup
    always respect these just never got the chance to pull the trigger. 
  4. sh2247
    really informational! thanks!
  5. dbroadnax
    I think its a rap on this thread...
  6. drlifor3
    any more coming out soon?