Bring back our OG's!!

By tren01 · Dec 16, 2015 · ·
  1. tren01
    Every year Jordan brand comes out with more and more retros, some good, some not so much but where did all the OG's go? They're either trashed up and unwearable, or worth over our monthly paycheck. Instead of releasing all of these new Jordans under these ridiculous prices, why doesn't Jordan brand just retro some of our favorite OG's. I know i would be willing to pay 210 on a pair of good quality Raging Bull 5s than a pair of 72-10s. I made a list of my top 5 favorite Jordans waiting to be retroed.

    1. Mocha 3

    2. FTLOTG 9

    3. Carmine 6

    4. True Blue 3

    5. Metallic 5

    Throw in some Nike Air's on the back too Jordan. 

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  1. jordankiks1974
    Im all about the OG colorways i have the mocha 3s and in no way are they OG comeon they dropped in 2001 just a rare color. I have and original 1988 jordan 3 cement and 1989 jordan 4 cement from when i was in highschool sz9(WORN) still in original box you need to do ALOT more Jordan research online you need it ASAP lmao WOW!!!!!!!!!
  2. tomuslqqwtbpnl
    are u fukkkking slow lmao how are carmine 6's unwearable? i have my pair from 2014 and they look wearable...... metallics are releasing in july no dont bring back the raging bull lol wtf it takes away the limited quality aspect just stop being a broke fukkk nigggga and pay up u fukking ****** its also called SOLE SWAPS now stop ******* whining and get ur bread up LAME
  3. headsince85
    I'm not a fan of the mochas but otherwise great list. I think the true blues and metallic 5's this year though so that's awesome.
  4. gambino
    I have the new og cement 4's if you want
  5. thatboygotkicks
    Metallic 5s are rumored to release this year 
  6. jaythecollector
    xD The amount of flame in the comments section is really heating me up
  7. nmilner
    Carmine VI was just a while ago.
    True Blue III's were a couple years ago.
    I could be wrong, but Metallic V was recent also? I didn't cop so not sure.
    Any FTLOTG is NOT an OG Colorway whatsoever. Were you drunk when you wrote this?

    Lastly if JB ever releases Raging Bulls again I will be quite upset. What's the point of making a special edition if you're just going to keep making retros.
  8. bradleysupreme
    Neither are Raging Bull V's
    Mocha 3 aint OGs L M F A O !!!!! show me please a picture from the 1988 Mocha 3s