BST Rules: Only Users With Over 300 Posts Can Post Classifieds

By niketalk admin · Jul 7, 2012 ·
  1. niketalk admin
    ONLY users who've been have contributed over 300 posts may create listings in our buy/sell forums. 

    All new users must wait until they've met these criteria before they will be eligible to add listings. Until then, your posts will NOT be accepted by our system or approved by our buy/sell staff. 

    How does this policy benefit you? 

    Obviously this policy is intended to weed out any criminals looking for a quick score by deceiving inexperienced members. Further reducing fraud can help increase buyer confidence, resulting in more interest in your legitimate listings. 

    NikeTalk's buy/sell forums exist to serve genuine NikeTalk members - those actually interested in participating in the NikeTalk community. Those signing up for NikeTalk accounts just to try and make a buck off our members should look elsewhere. 

    We're hopeful that this new policy will expedite approval times since our buy/sell guides will now have fewer posts to approve. Depending on how consistent you all are in following the rules, we MAY consider using these new posting restrictions INSTEAD of the current approval system - but that will only happen if the overwhelming majority of your listings fully comply with our buy/sell forum rules. 

    Interested buyers who fail to meet the new criteria may still contact sellers via private message if they wish - but you cannot create listings until you've earned the necessary credentials, as explained above. 

    One final word of warning: 

    DO NOT start creating a bunch of useless posts to try and hit 300 as fast as possible. If we catch people spamming the forums with worthless posts simply to increase their post count, those users will be BANNED and will have to start all over again from scratch - IF their new accounts are approved. 

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