Site FAQ

  1. Code of Conduct

    Section 1 - General Conduct

    1. Derogatory comments regarding race, ethnic background, language, gender, sexual orientation or religion are strictly prohibited. The use of slurs and/or hate speech will result in immediate and permanent banishment from the community without warning.

    2. Swearing is unacceptable. Partially edited slurs or profanity such as "f__k" and "sh**" is also unacceptable. Attempting to circumvent this rule using abbreviations, acronyms, or other obvious...
  2. How to Use @mentions

    If you're on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you've probably noticed @mentions, and even used them yourself.  These little golden treats help connect you more directly with your fellow site members without having to do anything more than type a post - a post you're likely already leaving in the first place.  Super easy, right?  YES.

    With this additional functionality, you might be wondering the best ways to utilize this for your life.  We've got you covered on the following topics:...
  3. Mobile Quick Start Guide

    Introducing NikeTalk Mobile

    Whenever you load NikeTalk on your mobile device, the site will default to a streamlined version suited for small displays and touch input.  

    This guide will cover a few of the features and shortcuts designed to make your mobile browsing experience faster and easier than ever before.

    Let's begin with a look at what our front page looks like on the mobile site.

    The Front Page

    The mobile version of NikeTalk's front page has been distilled into...
  4. About Us

    Since 1999, NikeTalk has served as the premier gathering point for the world’s most dedicated and knowledgeable sneaker fans.

    Together, we’ve built NikeTalk on the principles of authenticity, integrity and respect: for ourselves, for our culture, and for our community.

    If you’d like to take part in our forums, be sure to check out our rules of conduct. Insults, hoaxes, nudity, profanity, and slurs are never allowed. We...
  5. Terms Of Service TERMS OF SERVICE

    Last Updated Date: 4/30/16

    Welcome to the (“”, “our”, “us” or “we”) website, accessible at (the “Site”). All opinions expressed herein do not reflect those of Nike Inc. Please read carefully the following terms and conditions (“Terms”) and our...
  6. BST Rules: Only Users With Over 300 Posts Can Post Classifieds

    ONLY users who've been have contributed over 300 posts may create listings in our buy/sell forums. 

    All new users must wait until they've met these criteria before they will be eligible to add listings. Until then, your posts will NOT be accepted by our system or approved by our buy/sell staff. 

    How does this policy benefit you? 

    Obviously this policy is intended to weed out any criminals looking for a quick score by deceiving inexperienced members. Further reducing...