Scottie Pippen

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    Scottie Pippen

    Shoes Worn

    Nike Air Flight 90
    Nike Air Flight Lite

    Nike Air Flight Lite II

    Nike Air Bound

    Nike Air Dynamic Flight

    Nike Air Swift

    Nike Air Maestro

    Nike Air Up

    Nike Air Uptempo

    Nike Air Way Up

    Nike Air Max Uptempo 97

    Signature Models

    Nike Air Pippen

    Nike Air Pippen II

    Nike Air Pippen III

    Nike Air Pippen IV

    Nike Air Pippen V


    Scottie was slated to wear the Air Foamposite Pro, but considered it too clunky.  He reportedly disliked the Air Pippen I, which was designed with minimal input on his part, for similar reasons.


    Scottie Pippen, wearing the Nike Air Swift, delivers a vicious dunk in game 5 of the 1994 Eastern Conference Semifinals.

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