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  1. SlunderKingpin
    Cookie Cake Hash & Watermelon Perrier
  2. marikomorose
    marikomorose airthompson
    Hello I'm unable to post or reply on the the "Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ..." I think its because of my Harambe meme and I apologize. I didn't mean to violate any guidelines. I was just using congratulatory humor for my follow NTer recent W. May I be unbanned from the thread please?
  3. retro fiend
    retro fiend
    Want to trade DS Sz 13 Retro 1 SBB for DS Sz 13 Atmos elephant print Air max 1 17'
  4. cvkickz
    cvkickz liammo29
    Hi. Interested in your lobsters. Do you have pics of the size tag and lining of the shoe?

    Also any pics of the laces, accessories?
  5. mccj23
    FS: sz11.5 DS 2012 Olympic VI, sz10.5 DS 2018 Black Cement III
  6. khemikalali
  7. Zazz
    : sb dunks collection size 12-13 for sale, 2013-2018
  8. fdub
    fdub youngin33
    What’s up man

    Pics of the Ewing and how much?
    1. youngin33
      $160 shipped. I can’t post pics on this post so text if you want pics. Cell is 203 921 5561
      May 15, 2019
  9. itaintralphtho
    itaintralphtho Gilly757
    Any chance there was a 9.5 in those new balances you saw from Marshalls?
  10. paidingumm
    paidingumm Methodical Management
    Hey, I'm trying to post in the Travis Scott x Jordan Thread. It says i have insufficient privileges to post here. Thoughts??
  11. paidingumm
    paidingumm airthompson
    Hey, why does it say that I dont have sufficient privileges to post in the Travis Scott x Jordan 1 thread? Did i get banned?
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  12. SlunderKingpin
    Forbidden Gushers & Coffee
  13. innovazn2
    innovazn2 checks mcgee
    can you help me out? im in CHI
  14. chevyjunkie
    chevyjunkie JoeCool
    I have an 11.5 looking to trade for that 12
  15. eddyv
  16. checks mcgee
  17. checks mcgee
    checks mcgee djaward
    yooo thats my size

    how much you want for each one?
  18. supra23
    supra23 airuphere23
    how did you get 2 for 320 bro
  19. nyxviii
    I hang around some interesting people
  20. SlunderKingpin
    Lemon Skunk & Ice Water
  21. duke40
    duke40 jerseysauce
    Where were the Why Not lows at? I’m going hunting this week.
  22. souljaman22
    souljaman22 Master Zik
    Can I get that link?
  23. L7oser
    I ain't nothin like you "freakin" sneaker "dudes"
  24. modzzilla
    Everythings for sale via dm
  25. spfraiche
    spfraiche verse001
    1. verse001
      Appreciate that, I managed to find a pair already. Thanks for checking out the video!!
      Apr 25, 2019