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  1. Flame__33
    I need help on checking if yeezys are fake or not that some guy wants to sell to me
  2. thepromisedland
    thepromisedland diorandjordans
    YOU still got that size 9 4d from kith?
  3. Mike Kuczynski
    Mike Kuczynski
    I can Legit check. Message me if you need any help!
  4. space_blackmon
    What is your COP OF THE YEAR COTY ? - BLK 11s & JORDAN 33 FOR ME !
  5. SlunderKingpin
    Blueberry Girl Scout Cookies & Coffee
  6. varranis
    varranis umpahimself
    Hello! I saw your post for the SNS x SS UB and the Lux, was wondering on the difference in fit! I have the Lux and am planning to get the SNS x SS form resale, could you give any advice? Thank you!
  7. urn0tlike
  8. dgoins1
    dgoins1 goldensun
    I was told you were the man to talk to about copping a chain and pendant?
  9. Snkrcloset02
    How do I post a new thread??
  10. Sneakers123
    Find exactly what you want, just easier!
  11. Andrew S. Lam
    Andrew S. Lam
    "You were right on time." - Hilary Duff
  12. SlunderKingpin
    Green Crack & Arizona Green Tea
  13. pipsquick33
    Beam me up, Scottie!
  14. space_blackmon
  15. Andrew S. Lam
    Andrew S. Lam
    Thanks for the future line ups
  16. babymj
    babymj pogiwun
    sup chung
  17. georgek
    georgek SRG
    Jackson outlet had white red blue mismatched oscillates for $49. Not sure if you are interested in those but thought I’d give you a heads up Only Size I know they were out of is 11.
  18. mmoreno1015
    Want to trade my DS Yeezy zebra V2 size 7 for your zebra size 6.5.
  19. rbk93
  20. sneakerc
  21. Skeletor1978
    You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes...where they're going, where they've been.
  22. Pdxnw503
    My discography's the one with the most because i appear on more tracks than Dale Earnhardt's ghost.
  23. 6pac
  24. chitown boss
    chitown boss
    Managing Broker giving Realtors 85%
  25. km1984
    km1984 pacmagic2002
    Wassup... I guessed 3311 and it worked for the code