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  1. thebkkaz123
    Selling zebra yeezys sz 12 deadstock
  2. toneagain
  3. toneagain
  4. stylz
  5. bartstar
    bartstar markbennett90
    Hey I might be interested in buying that size 10 of the Air Max 97 skepta if you are selling.
  6. chrisnuggets
    WTB: High Snob UB 8.5
  7. Andrew S. Lam
    Andrew S. Lam
    Men and women alike, want more jordans and nikes.
  8. tyrhung
    Waiting for 9975KH to drop prices in ebay.
  9. The Prophet
  11. jsk808
    jsk808 doscinco
    hey jw where did you hear that info for the online drop for the undfted 97?
    1. doscinco
      No info, but most of their online release time are the same as La Brea release, though sometimes it's random.
      Sep 16, 2017
    2. jsk808
      ty bro, much appreciated
      Sep 16, 2017
  12. Grayson
    Grayson akadad
    hey interested in baby sized retro jays i saw you were selling on the Toronto thread. what's in the $40 range?
  13. rudeboy bambino
  14. dirtylittleape
  15. dirtylittleape
  16. amadeusz
    Formerly amadeusz13
  17. guccjermaine2
    guccjermaine2 dcallamerican
    Jemele Hill give a real Smith a chance, I got what you need.
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  18. toneagain
  19. charliekicks138
    You buy what you like, like what you buy, do it for the culture not the hype! Wear them kicks!
  20. aquarius15
    aquarius15 kobe824
    hey, what's up? i rarely post here, but i see you're selling your size 11 CE 16 low. Still up for sale? I'd be interested. How much are you selling them?
    1. kobe824
      I'd sell them for $100 shipped
      Sep 13, 2017