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    Apple iPhone thread| iPhone SE available 4.24.20

    Same here. It's been a solid beta. I'm updating all my devices to the official version now. They were pending on my device earlier.
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    Mya Moore. Trppin?

    The heading of the thread is off lol. This has nothing to do with the blimp/ufo.
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    The Boys | Season 2 Ep. 6 "The Bloody Doors Off" | Amazon Prime

    That how you know you’re doing a good job. My sister still hates Snoop from his role in Baby Boy :lol:
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    Official Xbox Thread - Series S $299 Series X $499 November 10th

    My cousin had it (we gameshare) and I was able to download games my cousin didn’t download. You just have to search for them in the marketplace and select install. If you try to do it through game pass, they tell you to pay for your own service. I did it for a few indie games through quarantine.
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    Hinge Takeover >>> Tinder, Bumble Pof

    I wouldn't do it for a first date. I did it for a 3rd date tho. Went to a Sunday night football game like 3.5 hours away. Had some good convo and music on the drive. Hit a few bars and restaurants to watch the early games. Got back to my place at like 3am, slept for 3 hours, clapped cheeks and...
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    Joe Rogan Podcast

    Alex Jones said Joe decided to keep about 100 episodes on Youtube and will load them at a later date. There were also issues with corrupted files during the migration. The girl that was complaining already had her episode loaded to Spotify. Joe Rogan Denies Spotify Censorship Rumors, According...
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    Tenet - A Christoper Nolan Film

    Seen it in Dolby earlier. Feel like I need to let it marinate before I can fully rate it. It is definitely a 8+/10 tho. I couldn't understand some of the dialogue but the action scenes made up for it. The sound was great. It had my chair shaking like crazy, so I recommend Dolby. My IMAX is...
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    Entrepreneur Vol . Share your story

    Got me ready to start a drone company
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    Married At First Sight: S11 Premieres 7/15 Wed 8pm Lifetime Channel

    Woody ain’t even reach his final form yet. First one to GTD :pimp:
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    24 Looking to build Credit... What are some good tips on your first Credit Card

    It's not good to lie but I doubt that will cause any problems. Especially if he hasn't requested an increase in the last 6 months. Credit card companies may be a little stingy with credit increases due to Covid.
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    NT Pizza Party Returns... Free 10 inch from Red Robin!

    Only available in limited locations
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    Information Technology (IT)

    Let me know if you have any questions about it. I got it last year. You can't really avoid an audit because it is done at random. They streamlined the application process in June so it's actually easier to apply now. Prepcast Exam simulator ($139) and the Joseph Phillps course on Udemy...
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    Let’s round up around the Homie FONGSTARR

    Get well. Crazy how something like a rock can change your life. I stopped riding my bike until I can pick up a helmet. Thankfully it's been raining so that suppressed the urge to ride.
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    Apple iPhone thread| iPhone SE available 4.24.20

    The new public beta (3) seems to have more bugs compared to the last one. It’s still usable, just minor annoyances.
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    Fools Wildin Thinking They Doing It Unappreciation Vol Get The @#*+ out

    That's what I was waiting for. USA gave them the business.
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