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    ✩ The Official Drake ✡ Thread - Care Package Drops Aug 2

    Don’t forget about this one too. Low key feel like this is part 1 & Omertà is part 2.
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    Frech Fry Power Rankings

    Regular plain fries - McDonalds Seasoned fries - Checkers Fries dipped in a sauce - Burger King (order some fries & ask for zesty sauce :smokin)
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    **FABOLOUS thread**

    Finally got done listening to SS3. I like it. Best one outta da SS series imo.
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    Draya (NIketalk’s bae) vs Meg The Stallion

    Da last two gifs would have me like
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    Jay-Z turned 50 today!

    You see da avy :smokin . Happy bday :emoji_goat:.
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    Adidas ORIGINALS updates

    032c x adidas FYW S-97 Salvation $210 Color: Core White/Cream-Multicolor Style Code: EG5933
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    Adidas ORIGINALS updates

    Hebru Brantley x BBC x adidas Rivalry Hi Release Date: December 5th, 2019
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    Thank you my good woman. Just ordered myself a pair :nthat:. Just was telling two people earlier how I’m not buying anymore sneakers for ‘19. Then I go & buy these :lol:.
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    You’re on a first date with a young woman and she does this...

    This thread is gold :rofl::rofl:
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    What happened to White Castle ?

    Chain halal guys don’t compare to da actual food carts on 53rd & 6th.
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