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    the perks of living in PA I'm willing to help the community by having ppl send their shoes to me to avoid tax, then I'll send to you no upcharge I promise I'll send your shoes out, pm me
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    Nike x Sacai Collaboration Thread

    need to see more pics of the shoes, especially the blazer lows
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    Nike Air Trainer 3 retro's over the years

    ^I just returned mine to Nike even though I only paid $104 🤷‍♂️
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    Official NT dad thread: can the dads get love

    🤷‍♂️ time to sell the collection bro j/k it's crazy how much they charge, and how often things are coded incorrectly resulting in charges that you shouldn't get fortunately my wife works in the medical field and has a friend that does medical coding cause I'm clueless you can also...
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    Official Supreme Thread OffSeason *crickets*

    I assume instore is done at this point specifically BK please advise and drop the number if they're still taking appointments up to Saturday
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    Adidas ORIGINALS updates

  7. crumps brother

    August 2020 WDYWT Thread

    Haven’t participated in one of these threads in years Today and yesterday other recent wears
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    I'm maybe visiting Brooklyn next week

    ^I’m not from one of those 34 states or territories listed...I spread cheer 🌈 pm sent
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    I'm maybe visiting Brooklyn next week

    Folksbier is top 4...gotta mix it up with some solid Pilsners/Lagers either Three’s or Finback are top 5
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    I'm maybe visiting Brooklyn next week

    ^correct Grimm and Evil Twin are in The top three breweries I was interested (along with OH) but they’re several miles away from where we are staying so I’m not sure my wife would be down to stop...maybe on my way in or out I can hit them who does flights and/or half pours?
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    I'm maybe visiting Brooklyn next week

    I'll take food recommendations from you kind folks...not sure I'll venture out of Gowanus/Park Slope area since we'll be on bikes
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    I'm maybe visiting Brooklyn next week

    I thank you all individually for your valued contributions think we're doing it though ride bikes around so we don't have to rely on public transportation, hit up some breweries w/ outdoor seating only, get some takeout beer and food, maybe go to governors island don't worry, I'll be smart...
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    I'm maybe visiting Brooklyn next week

    ^never change
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    Air Jordan V retro OG - Nike Air - Fire Red/Silver tongue - May 2, 2020

    nothing goes with those frankenjeans, b
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