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    Another light skin slimmie wins. What is this? 3 in a row. |l
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    Is It Rude/Pretentious To Request Guests To Take Their Shoes Off Upon Entering Your Home?

    No. 1) It's unnecessary. 2) Keeps dirt your shoes pick up from outside out of your home. 3) If your feet are cold, socks or slippers will suffice.
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    Afrobeat appreciation

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    Afrobeat appreciation

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    the thread about nothing...

    People take the expression 'p_ has no face' to another level....
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    Do you and your S/O make “home movies?” If so, how often?

    Made a home movie with one of my exes.....eventually deleted it but gaahdam to this day the best "movie" i've ever seen.
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    If you had a do-over at life, what would you do differently ?

    Stop overthinking, realize most people don't care about most things, women aren't nothing to be afraid of. Basically be more confident and relaxed.
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    Hinge Takeover >>> Tinder, Bumble Pof

    Nah...when I set my location back home to NYC the selection is nice. When I set it to my new location in VA...yikes
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    Hinge Takeover >>> Tinder, Bumble Pof

    Bruh .what happened to hinge..last year it was straight it's dooodooo. Is there a new app or something the dimes be at?
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    Article on being black and not fitting the "company culture" at a tech startup

    I would say this is true of corporate America. But a lot of people for whatever reason don't want to play the games. For myself, I would say I don't like to mix work and pleasure. We are co-workers first and foremost. We don't have to be friends. We just need to get the work done in a relatively...
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    the thread about nothing...

    Great. Googly. Moogly. That thang is juicy.
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    the thread about nothing...

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    Better Call Saul Season Thread - Season Five - February 23

    I'm glad we had the slow progression. We really get insight into his character, what made him who he is, that he really did try the straight and narrow. I like the character so much more for knowing this stuff
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    Rise and fall (and maybe rise again?) of Subway restaurants.

    Honestly most grocery stores that offer subs are better than subway
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