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    The main goal of kobes in general are to make money. The shoe is cheaply made with outragous prices and they dont even look good  they made one pair for like 10 bucks why would u pay up to over 200 dollars ?? i would rather buy foams
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    L/C on Flint 13s

    it seems legit based on pics
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    Legit check JORDAN Concords

    the carbon fiber looks like black plastic
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    Just got my 1st Jordan today, Jordan 4 fire red LC please!

    can u post a side view so i can see the angle of the tounge
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    Price Check On Bred 4

    most is around 200
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    LC on Grape 5s

    i think they could be replicas the jumpman on the bottom is supposed to be kindof twisted and the hand is not supposed to go striaght up. but idk thats just my idea
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    LC/PC Dr. Doom foams

    naa you would get 400 in lk a resale store but on facebook or something around 200
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    Price check

    on facebook or something around 200
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    Legit/Price Check on Jordan Concord XI

    legit but wouldnt go over 200 
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    I think Roshe Runs are dope but a 100 dollars? too much it took them 5 bucks to make it. It should be in the 50s range
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    What do u think about the shoe game?

    Has the sneaker game changed over time? Is everyone just buying j's to look cool even when they dont play basketball? Speak your mind and let me know in general what things are bad in the sneaker culture and what is still not.
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    Legit Sneaker Sites

    Im looking for legit sneaker sites with reasonable prices and please dont post sites like FlightClubNy or KickkSpott
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    Classic and New Hip Hop : What's your favorite??

    I wanna know whats ur favorite oldschool or new hip hop music Biggie? Tupac? Gunit? or Lil wayne? Kendrick Lamar? Comment 
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    Thank you for helping NikeTalk & Room to Read build a preschool in Sri Lanka!

    They should do something about animal abuse
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