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    Clear Soul Forces - Gold PP7's

    How is there not a thread about this already? Album is smooth...old school hip-hop feel :smokin Tracklisting: 1. Continue - Produced by Ilajide 2. Ninja Rap - Produced by Ilajide 3. Beats Rhymes & Life - Produced by Ilajide 4. Freq Freq Featuring Kooley High Produced by Ilajide 5...
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    Official Dedication 5 Thread... Now Available for download

    "I"ma milk all of 'em cause they f_____ cow-ards" :rollin I haven't listened to Wayne seriously in a long time. If you want lyrics, this isn't the tape. But beat selection is good, flows are good...I'll mess with it.
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    Want to pick up older women, here's how....

    Listen to this man. A cougar hunting legend around these parts.
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    Never post, but always around :smokin
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    Starting a Clothing Boutique Store in Korea

    $12,480-$9,150=$3,330 $3,330/2=$1,665 per person $1,665/4= $416.25/week These are the numbers I look at and why I could never take the chance of opening my own business. Making less than $500 a week to not only work full-time but also have the stress of my own business? Not for me.
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    How frequent do you get a haircut and how much you pay?

    Once a week, I lay pipe and may give a back massage as payment. (My "barber" is my girl :lol )
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    Anyone know if these dropped yet? They're "Low lizard/metallic" but I can't find any info on RD. Lookin to pick them up for my little sis
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    *The Official* Clear Soul Forces thread "Detroit Revolution(s)" - March 13th

    Jared/J Roc/Noveliss :lol These guys have such a unique sound...I've been messin with them heavy and to see them evolve with all their hard work is awesome
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    *The Official* Clear Soul Forces thread "Detroit Revolution(s)" - March 13th

    One of my boys is in the group and I tried putting NT on to all of their projects but nobody paid any attention. These guys are serious! One of my favorite tracks by them :hat
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    is she nuts, nt? updated pg 1

    Has this been answered yet? OP was so passive about this whole chunk of the story
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    This Beer has a 65% ABV. Would you drink?

    We don't have Yungling in MI but I went on a work trip to NY (Rochester :lol) and finally got to experience it :hat
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    This Beer has a 65% ABV. Would you drink?

    It's late...I had a few drinks watching TNF/World Series so if my math makes no sense forgive me. 330ml = 11.1oz bottle 11.1*65% abv = 7.2 oz of alcohol Normal liquor = 1.5 oz shot * 40% = .6 oz of alcohol so 7.2 (1 beer) / .6 (one shot) = 12 12 shots in ONE 11.1 oz bottle of beer. You'd...
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    This Beer has a 65% ABV. Would you drink?

    If you do the math on this **** it's over 10 shots of regular liquor. One bottle of that and I'm not able to form sentences :lol
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    Anyone ever working for ADP or know someone who has?

    If you want experience and are self-motivated, why not apply at an ADP or Paychex? The base salary makes it a lot less scary, gives you the experience, and if you decide you like sales then a lot of pharma and medical device companies LOVE payroll sales people because of the similarity
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