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    POWER THREAD (Sun., Starz)

    Yea, you right I'm trippin. I looked on IMDB and wiki. Neither had a first name for him.
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    POWER THREAD (Sun., Starz)

    Dawg, I laugh everytime dude writes Tyrique. Adding vowels and **** like this lil ***** is distinguished or something lol. Hol time councilman Tate doesn't even have a first name?? Son...
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    POWER THREAD (Sun., Starz)

    @Grine226 That was an illegal scare tactic. Keisha wasn't being arrested. Arrested for what? Being an accomplice to a murder where the actual perpetrator hasn't been arrested? Can they even prove Tommy did it? The cops gambled on her emotions and it worked. They needed Keisha to talk so they...
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    Fools Wildin Thinking They Doing It Unappreciation Vol Get The @#*+ out

    2 points for the other team, the tackle was absolutely necessary.
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    POWER THREAD (Sun., Starz)

    Fingerprints? It's not like he gonna dump her body in the Hudson right? He's gotta call the cops right?
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    Breaking Bad Thread - "El Camino" - A Breaking Bad Movie on Netflix 10/11

    "Those ain't Michael's kids"
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    Millennial Money Thread: How to Make it in America on Certain Salaries

    7k a month in savings? Jesus Christ. Young man is doing it right.
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    2014? God damn lol
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    POWER THREAD (Sun., Starz)

    Shoulda never let Saxe live but Ghost is right, no one believes a word he says. Happy to see Keisha go but Tommy bout to be on some real murder ****.
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    Black-ish Appreciation

    Yea, I agree with everything @T0INE said. Little girl is funny. I sent the last episode about hair to my lil sister, I thought it was well done.
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    The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

    BB is a damn good show and almost universally liked as an overall show. Not only in the crime-drama genre. I'd like to see a list of 5 shows better than BB. 2-3 ok but 5? 🤔 iono man.
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    The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

    Let's see that list man.
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    Dallas police woman breaks into home of young man and shoots him to death Update: GUILTY of murder

    Those responses, even if true, are ridiculous. Person to person ain't **** because your still the judge that presided over the case no matter what. The bailiff had to do that on TV? There would be no other opportunity between then and when she walks into her cell? A real **** show.
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