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    Legit check on Freshwater Griffeys!

    any help is appreciated!
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    Air Jordan VII "Olympic GOLD Medal" PE's!

    silver is wayyyy better imo
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    PNW Clothing

    is it a coincidence that 206 people like it on fb? lol some pretty dope shirts tho!
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    A Piece of Seattle/Sonic history. RAY ALLEN SIGNED BASKETBALL

    damn thats crazy to find it at goodwill lol
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    These dont look all that good to me.
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    Air Jordan 5 "Grape" MAY 4th, 2013 - $160

    DAMN! i missed the 06 release! Hopefully i can get a pair this time, cant wait!
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    MJ wearing black/gum soled XI's

    the gum sole is pretty sick
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