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    AJ III Fragment White/Black 2020

    Man, I hit on a SNKRs account I’ve never won anything on! My main account is like really bruh 🙄
  2. jack spain

    Nike Zoom Kobe V PROTRO - Dec 2019

    thanks bro!
  3. jack spain

    Nike Zoom Kobe V PROTRO - Dec 2019

    With the military discount!
  4. jack spain

    ***Official-Jordan XII 12 Thread-New Releases***

    Waitlisted on the Big3
  5. jack spain

    AJ V Alternate Bel-Air

    Nike applied the military discount so they came out to 161 and military at FTL as well! #winning
  6. jack spain

    AJ V Alternate Bel-Air

    I’ve hit on SNKRS two weeks in a row
  7. jack spain

    AJ V Alternate Bel-Air

    I hit finally on FLX via FTL. Crazy part about it, I didn’t receive a notification when I hit the win but receive plenty of notifications on Ls from my personal and work celly!!!
  8. jack spain

    Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

    First time hitting on SNKRS in months! Let me hit again next week and I’m sitting down for a while!!!
  9. jack spain

    Air JORDAN 1 Price Explosion(Stock X)

    I believe the increase is due to a few things... 1. Supply and Demand 2. The Last Dance 3. More disposable income (some may disagree but an extra 600 a week helps) 4. StockX (this should be #1) I believe StockX has manipulated the market somewhat because these prices have skyrocketed over the...
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    FNL is cooked! Grabbed my pair off Hibbett raffle but trying to grab my girl a pair on FNL. I hate this
  11. jack spain

    Air Jordan XI Low IE (Black Cement III inspired) Summer 2020

    Wow. Almost copped off an Eurosite for 230 but copped off Footaction. Easiest copped in the last 4 months.
  12. jack spain

    Air Jordan 11 low retro - black/white - university red - true red - June 27, 2020 - $185

    2 for 2 Hibbetts! Crazy part is, I can never hit in the Atl but I’ve been home in Mississippi the past few weekends and here success comes!!!
  13. jack spain

    Air jordan 5 top 3 mock up 2020

    I honestly believe they’re holding back supply since the pandemic has totally screwed up everything! I think as the year continues, you’re going to see restocks of the releases from the last few months pop up! Just think, the Fire Red Vs and DMP VIs have restocked countless number of times!
  14. jack spain

    Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

    No d I couldn’t justify spending over a stack or even anything close to that for a pair of kicks! I had a pair of Chis and bought another one for resale years ago (2016) from Sole Supremacy for 375 and I thought that was too much lol. If you want them badly, I say grab em! I could hear that...
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