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    Tekashi 69 lookin at RICO

    So 69 just signed a 10 million record deal lol so much for not having no dough to pay for security round the clock
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    DC U? - Joker 10/04/19 - BoP 2/7/20 - WW2 6/5/20 - Batman 6/25/21 - SS2 8/6/21 - JOKER OUT NOW

    Why do u “hope” negativity on a bunch of nerds for? Thats good tourist money for the borough..they aint bothering nobody theyll be aight
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    Dallas police woman breaks into home of young man and shoots him to death Update: GUILTY of murder

    Let the sweeping under the rug of this case begin & On to the next cop killing than fake outrage with “talking”......
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    What song are you listening to right now?

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    Faux Daisy Dukes - New Fashon Trend 4 Girls?

    I seen that cashland stuff for a Few years or so...i aint know what that was about or where it came from idk if it was from a local record label or not .
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    Wasn't New York City More Grimey In The 80s & 90s In Constrast To Now

    South bx is slowly transforming ....a billion africans everywhere & whites slowly doing they lenox ave pop ups (nowhere near as many as u see in harlem but thats how it started in harlem a few pop up then they got deep as time passed)
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    October Pickup Thread

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    Wasn't New York City More Grimey In The 80s & 90s In Constrast To Now

    Dolan & johnson gotta sell the teams respectively... Either or the knicks will remain garbage for no less than the upcoming 2-3 seasons but end of the day still rocking with em cant get on that nets bandwagon
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    Faux Daisy Dukes - New Fashon Trend 4 Girls?

    I seen a couple bmore heads rocking them capri shorts this summer (all older heads) Whatever happened to that brand store yah had called samos (or something along those lines) ?
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    Black Culture Discussion Thread

    Why dudes deleting post? (Dudes deleted that trump topic i made ) I see u been on here since 2001 god bless u son for lasting this long ... its alotta corny stuff going on with this website ready to pack it up on here in less than a year
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    Donald trump calls baltimore Dangerous rat infested mess/ makes cnn reporter cry

    He talkig about dc & baltimore bumped heads (who doesnt know that) My statement was about dudes being both country & living in the same region...dont know why u felt it was important to talk about the 2 cities bumping heads But good looking for posting yung gleesh if that ni***h dont sound mad...
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    Tekashi 69 lookin at RICO

    It said that dude came from a good household...he didnt know no better (but this the type of n***h alongside 69 that bloods recruited....they recruit any & everybody in ny)
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    Tekashi 69 lookin at RICO

    93 has weathered the storm since the 90s in ny (1 of the few sets that came out in the 90s in ny thats still around where as the other joints faded away & went out of town) itll still be around after this 69 situation because its still gonna be dudes who wanna keep that sh*t alive
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    Tekashi 69 lookin at RICO

    Word @acting like 93 the mafia Dudes getting violated ,snitched on, killed by nypd ,robbed & they homeys aint getting no get back ..”long as it wasnt me” effect
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