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    WTB 12 or 12.5 blk/cement 3

    Will pay asap in DS OR VNDS condition only hit me up!
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    BORDEAUX 7S JULY 18th 2015

    are the laces that come with the 2015 release supposed to be metal tipped?
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    Recommend Me A Window Tint Shop (LA Area)

    made in the shade cypress
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    SoCal Food/Grub Thread

    sweet factory chocolate covered gummy bears
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    Where should I go while in vegas?

    marquee at cosmopolitan rehab at the hardrock
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    SoCal Food/Grub Thread

    la creperie 2nd st. in long beach cuhzzz
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    SoCal Food/Grub Thread

    boiling crab doe
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    Persistent stragglers and your chick vol. cue Nas gif?

    just cuss him out and get crazy next time he calls hell get the idea
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    Might be moving to LA...

    la is the best place to live hands down, everything is here.
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    anyone work for the state in prisons or correctional facilities?

    wanna know how its like hit me up if u can share some info thanks
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    What to do in the OC ON st pattys day

    yardhouse in brea is cool DTF should be on and poppin tho
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    drew league vs. goodman league anyone?

    whos going today?!?!?! anyone got an extra ticket?
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