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    2017 52 week money challenge

    Just made my transfers
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    2017 52 week money challenge

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    "Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things" Discussion :::: Now On Netflix

    The documentary was cool, some people definitely took it to the extreme but i get the point for the most part. I moved to Chicago in April and my good friend's told me to live with them for a year and save up. I have my own bedroom but had to leave the majority of my clothing and sneakers at...
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    Escape Rooms challenge vol. Thinkers

    I'll be doing one in a couple of weeks with my coworkers here in Chicago. We will be trapped in a room with a zombie. I'm looking forward to it.
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    Things To Do In Philly This Weekend? (Roots Picnic Weekend)

    @Brandon3000 I'll be there for the Roots Picnic myself. Here are a couple of events that I will be hitting up. Good Vibes Only Happy Hour Pregame Brunch Hope this helps, message me if you are looking for anything else, I'm going with a fairly large group so we are bound to do more activities.
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    NT, What Beer Do You Drink?

    I literally know nothing about beer so I always stay true to Missouri and get a Boulevard :rollin
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    NT, What are Your Experiences with Taking a Job Offer vs. Continuing Your Job Search?

    I recently took a job offer myself in my field of study. This is coming close to 4 years since I graduated. A couple of months after I graduated I took a job offer that would guarantee me employment for a couple years and would place me in a different position after if I wanted to stay in that...
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    NT Book Club Vol. WDYRTD

    Currently reading Think and Grow Rich On my list After I finish: Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins The Assassination of Fred Hampton by Jeffrey Haas The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss Freeway Rick Ross: The untold Autobiography by Rick Ross
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    Next Vacation Destinations?

    Just got back from New Orleans last week. Next trip is going to be to DC in October although it is for work. Should be fun though. Everyone going is either a newly graduate or 1-2 years out of college. Looking to go to NYC for the All Star Game in February as well.
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    Jogger pants...

    I actually bought mine from a shop over the weekend so I have no experience with flashxhype
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    Jogger pants...

    I would recommend the medium. I am an inch shorter and wear a 32 and the small fit me well but was baggy in the waist because of the drawstring. The medium was too big in the waist on me so you would probably have the same problem with the large.
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    NT Book Club Vol. WDYRTD

    Currently reading. Just started but it's pretty good.
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    Contemplated getting the Leopards. Had my size in the shopping cart and was ready to check out. Decided not to get them though, I didn't want to do an impulse buy.
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    NT Book Club Vol. WDYRTD

    Just finished Who Owns the Ice House by Clifton Taulbert and Gary Schoeniger. Great book about entrepreneurship. Looking for another great read!
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    kc nter's where you @

    New to KC. Trying to link up with some cool people!
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