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    Has anyone else been using StockX?

    Yea I made an order on 7/30 and it still says en route to SX... I hope this doesn’t take a month like I’ve been reading :smh: And what’s crazy is I’ve ordered 2 other shoes from them during this virus and they got to my house super quick
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    Asics Love?!? Where is it?

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    Nike Air Max Lebron 7 Retro

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    Official New Balance Thread

    Nice day in DC
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    Official New Balance Thread

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    Nike KD 12

    Never seen these before
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    Nike PG 4

    I linked my account twice how long does it take before it unlocks and lets you buy the shoes
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    Nike PG 4

  9. MoneyAmeer

    Nike PG 4

    Wow those are nice
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    Nike Lebron 17

    😴 🤦🏾‍♂️
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    Nike PG 4

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    Nike Air Max Lebron 7 Retro

    4s hands down should be ahead of 8s. They are in need of retro to me at least. I have a few pairs of 4s that still look pretty good to be this old. I would love for Nike to mix some non og CWs or even some PE/Sample colors that would be crazy :pimp:
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