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    Footwear event at Compound this weekend (Mar 18th-20th). 300+ shoes on hand!!!

    didn't make it to the Cosign: Footwear.. but I did manage to pick up this amazing Sophnet jacket when they had their Cosign: Clothing sale a few months back..  on a side note, I heard there is another one coming up soon! footwear that is..
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    Favorite Restaurants in PNW

    Hands down.. nothin beats it for wing's in Portland.. even though they are $12 an order...  2nd places goes to Fire on the Mountain.. their Spicy Peanut Thai, Raspberry Habenero and El Jefe sauces are among my favorites.. 
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    Good spots in Portland

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    buyin almost any jays ALDERWOOD

    BFO.. ^^which is why im dumpin them..
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    buyin almost any jays ALDERWOOD

    I got some spizike kings of county in a 10... $180 shipped
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    places to get your hair cut in portland?

    what kind of hair cut? like you lookin for a fade? or you tryin ta get a perm..? I heard that bishops is good, cheap too..
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    Is it to soon to have another Pacific NW Summit?

    Hell no on Vancouver. Nick, Hillsboro sounds cool.. Tualatin Hills rec center for hoops, plenty of parks for bbq.. and nike is there... There is also a gang of hotels nearby for ppl coming from Seattle. JUNE?!
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    DAAZNFELLA aka VIET Appreciation Thread - 21st Birthday

    that triumvir is lookin mighty fine.. Happy Birthday Viet..!
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    OREGON Peace Rally?

    that looks like it's by park street downtown.
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    @#%$ snow

    I've came home TWICE from LA in the last 2 months the day it snows. WHAAAAAAAAACK.. [b]||[ PH ]
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    Sonic Burger in Oregon

    I want some of that purple drank.. and the Sonic in Oregon closes at like 11.. your right Collin..| 6 PAIRS OF NIKE DUNK SB "DAY OF THE DEAD" FOR SALE |
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    Portland sucks.

    ^^ No such law... that's a load of crap. | 6 PAIRS OF NIKE DUNK SB "DAY OF THE DEAD" FOR SALE |
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    Sonic Burger in Oregon

    Hillsboro... anyone go yet? I heard the Popeyes they opened out there got lights like Vegas... haha I still can't believe they opened a Popeyes out there.. | 6 PAIRS OF NIKE DUNK SB "DAY OF THE DEAD" FOR SALE |
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