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    Air Jordan XXXVI (36) first info…

    @heel81 this ones for chief
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    Off-White x Air Jordan Thread

    $250 😠
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    Air Jordan 11 Low IE OG black red

    What XI and XI lows you have in your collection? What do you want to see released next? Hope all is well.
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    AJ XIV Winterized SE Oct. 31, 2021

    Thought this was interesting even though it’s not winterized but would be a perfect colorway if it was.
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    Air Jordan 3 lifespan

    There’s two IIIs on today’s anniversary. Are these and the rest high on your list? III Knicks (2 Years) XII Black Game Royal (2 Years) III Bordeaux (W) (3 Years) V 3Lab5 (8 Years) XX8 Cement Elephant (8 Years) XX8 Red Elephant (8 Years) IX Low Blue Pearl (19 Years)
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    AJ 1 High OG Pro Multi Color Sept 11, 2021

    @KanyIZZY I always enjoyed your videos. Think you will do anymore?
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    AJ XV Billie Sept 30, 2021

    100% Vegan Materials just exactly how you wanted @Galacticwafffles and @bobthemilkman
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    JORDAN XV RETRO "OBSIDIAN" $190 March 4th 2017

    I will be dreaming about these all night. But to answer there question; XVII, XVIII, XVI, XX3, XIX, XXI, XX, XX2, XV. what’s everyone else’s?
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    Jordan 1 High Marina Blue - January 15, 2022

    Of course everyone is going to like them but it’s not worth the hassle. Plus we want to see some OGs right? Think of it this way it’s like dating a girl that’s nice and beautiful and all then you find out she’s communist/atheist. Not worth it right? Or you just had a long filthy day at work and...
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    AJ I High Winterized/Element GORE-TEX Nov 2021

    Does this count as a collab 😝? @general-tsos how would these hold up in Iceland 🇮🇸?
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    Air Jordan 11 Low IE OG black red

    I did two separate orders for two different sizes with two different payment methods.
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