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    Anyone Collect Sports Cards?

    They only doing the Friday releases now or still restocks throughout the week cuz I can’t ever get any Friday morning, I ain’t got that no work/work at home life!
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    Nike Zoom GT Cut

    Flash vibes on the red/yellow.
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    Nike Cosmic Unity - Nike's First Sustainable Basketball Sneaker (Retail $120-150)

    Found some of the black/glow green on the hash wall at outlet but no disco.
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    AJ 1 High University Blue 2021

    I’m good, good lookin out though
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    Looking to buy Grinches, are these heavily faked? Reputable sellers on eBay? And TTS to play in?
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    Anyone Collect Sports Cards?

    Hobby box direct from panini still a G? Am I missing something? How many cards is that per dollar...
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    Anyone Collect Sports Cards?

    Where you live that they sat for a day?
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    HUARACHE LE RETRO 30th anniversary release this year???

    But the bullet? Isn’t that retail price?
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    Anyone Collect Sports Cards?

    Players in the following generation are going to progress the game. Saying stuff one “never did” doesn’t mean much.
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    Off-White x Air Jordan Thread

    I just googled and “crep protect” came up. Don’t know if it’ll work but they’re claiming they can keep the shoes fresh. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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    Anyone Collect Sports Cards?

    Okay great! Thanks for the help! So it isn’t like shoes where they put them out on a date and time? It’s just random?
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    Anyone Collect Sports Cards?

    I’m trying to buy a box to open for fun, is it just luck as to when to go or as early as possible? Or is it impossible if you don’t have connects. specifically basketball
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    HUARACHE LE RETRO 30th anniversary release this year???

    Shout out to @monkeyd for the assist. Needed a new pair and these Stussys were the one.
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    HUARACHE LE RETRO 30th anniversary release this year???

    This is confusing I thought you were talking about the Stussys.
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    Does NT Have a Race Problem?

    Just like I don’t know your life, you don’t know mine and what privileges I’ve had. Not a competition but you’re assuming you know mine while I don’t assume yours. And I’m staying just that, being honest. If that’s masquerading maturity then what do I do, lie? Didn’t know that my honesty was...
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