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    ***Grails thread***
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    After listening to Wouldn't Leave for the third or forth time I might be trippin' but it sounds like a sequel to Runaway Not in tempo but in kind of in theme BTW it sounds more like a traditional rap song at x1.2 speed
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    HBO'S "Insecure" [ Created by Issa Rae ► Season III: 2020 ]

    Black People are what 13% of the population, with women being more than half that makes 7% of the population max that is interested in black girl politics. I want the show to succeed and build an audience of people that aren't used to dealing with strictly the type of race politics that happen...
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    HBO'S "Insecure" [ Created by Issa Rae ► Season III: 2020 ]

    I was about to abandon ship on this show until episode 3. This last episode was stellar. Relationship, office, friendship politics all being addressed indirectly was very surprising. I wish episode 3 was episode 1 then maybe more people would get on board. If this reaches you Issa, we...
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    HBO'S "Insecure" [ Created by Issa Rae ► Season III: 2020 ]

    Im trying to hold of watching episode one because we wont get episode two til mid October. They got me like that with the night of, never again. Super hype for it tho
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    HBO: † "The Leftovers" Series Discussion...†

    I am probably completely alone but to me this was one of the best episodes of television I think i have ever seen. I thought it was poetic and sincere. It didnt answer any questions but you dont watch this show for answers you watch it for the questions.
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