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    'The Irishman' Confirmed: Scorsese Directing De Niro, Pacino, Pesci and Keitel in 2011

    The fact that most of us felt sorry for a retired hitman is crazy and tells you everything about how good this movie is :lol:
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    Nike Air Mowabb QS

    Bodega has some sizes left. I was able to cop a size 13
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    Nike Air Mowabb QS

    I didn't bother with SNKRS because I thought the biggest size was gonna be a 12 women's :smh:
  4. young halo

    Official "Going to Vegas in..." Vol. II "It was time"

    I too would like to know :nerd:
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    Rumored Return: Nike Zoom GP May 2019

    He's right. They sat. I caught a lot jokes for wearing mine at school :lol:
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    Rumored Return: Nike Zoom GP May 2019

    Same here. I had them in my cart earlier but couldn’t pull the trigger. At the same time, I don’t want to wait until June
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    Rumored Return: Nike Zoom GP May 2019

    June 15?! :angry::smh:
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    Rumored Return: Nike Zoom GP May 2019

    My local mom and pops shop didn't get these in which is weird. I looked them up on the footlocker app and none of the stores in the Bay are getting them. And nobody seems to actually have these on hand whether it be on IG or youtube... :nerd:
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    Nike “Zoom Freak” 1’s - Giannis Antetokounmpo - Freak 2 OUT NOW

    Count me in. I was worried he would become a Kobe guy for good
  10. young halo

    Air max 720 2019 Thread

    Sorry if I'm late but is this colorway releasing?
  11. young halo

    Nike x OFF-WHITE Collection Thread

    so was SNKRS our last shot at retail?
  12. young halo


    Word :lol::lol::lol::lol:
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    Any more sites releasing later this AM? Or is it resell price or bust :stoneface:
  14. young halo

    NIKE AIR 270 & Nike Air Force 270

    Does anyone's Force 270's make weird noises when you walk? I broke mine out the other day and they make a loud popping sound on both shoes when I walk :smh:
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