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    AIr jordan XXXV first info.

    That's the logo they've been using on any Kemba PEs the past couple of years. My guess is that he owns his official logo and after the Kawhi logo **** that went down, he didn't want to give up any rights to it.
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    Air Jordan XXXII (32)

    I don't **** with XXXIIs the same way I did with the XXXIs obviously, but I do like them. I think I have 5 pairs maybe? 1-2 more I'd like to track down. These were both picked up fairly recently. The Veterans Day pair I think only dropped in Canada and then the other pair I don't have much info...
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    The Air Jordan XVI returns in 2016

    Not sure if this was reported yet, but NikeStories on Instagram got his pack in the mail from Nike yesterday and the Chucks were 1/2 size smaller than the XVIs. Nike actually thought ahead here, gotta give them credit for that.
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    The Official Jordan XXXI Thread

    Personally I prefer these to the ones Jimmy was wearing last night: But, the ones from last night aren't bad either:
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    AIr jordan XXXV first info.

    Man I am SO ****ing IN on that colorway. Might get two pairs.
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    AIr jordan XXXV first info.

    I love those so much.
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    AJ XIV Hyper Royal 9/9/2020

    Man this is exactly how I feel. I'm kicking myself for not doubling up on the white/reds, definitely doubling up on these. Edit: I honestly think this is the best non-OG colorway of the XIV ever.
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    Air Jordan VII Retro "Greater China"

    Well this was infuriating. Loaded Sold Out on two phones so I jumped over to Desktop. Checked out on a size 13, came back Sold Out. **** this app. Damn I love these too. Any other U.S. sites getting them?
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    Jordan 1 Biohack

    First SNKRS W in a while for me. I love bright colors so I'm throwing the pink laces in at least one of the shoes.
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    AIr jordan XXXV first info.

    I still kind of love those so if they're not the 35 I'll buy them when they go on sale.
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    Official AJ V Low Golf Thread

    Got mine in today, these things are great in person.
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    Titan x Air Jordan XX3 2020

    These are dope. They'd look great with a Steph Curry rookie jersey.
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    Air Jordan 4 x UNION LA Thread

    Got all the way to checkout, entered my credit card info, hit pay, and the page crashed. Wouldn't let me refresh or go back. Devastating L.
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    Air Jordan xxxiv first info

    I actually ordered two just hoping that it would increase my odds of getting a pair, since I got the Chinese New Year pair recently from Nike on a little restock and they canceled my damn order lol. If anyone wants my other size 13 at cost plus shipping it's yours, just let me know!
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    Air Jordan xxxiv first info

    Just got these in from this mini re-stock in my size 13! They're gorgeous in person. I missed them on the initial drop and never thought I'd get them for retail but thanks to you, they're mine! I actually ordered two pairs so I could pick out the best right shoe and best left shoe and best box...
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