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  1. moderndarwin

    Strike first! Strike hard! No mercy!

    Cobra Kai
  2. moderndarwin

    Answer and ask a question

    1) What % of the world do you think is in good shape (wtv ur definition of it is)? answer and ask another question for next poster
  3. moderndarwin

    Taco Bell ending the 7 layer burrito

    this is a travesty that deserves its own thread
  4. moderndarwin

    Wim Hof volume corona?

    Anyone follow or try and of his methods? I started taking ice cold showers a few years ago. Not completely still start off hot but finish the last 3 minutes or so in ice cold. So he’s always been randomly in my youtube recommended. Never clicked till this past week and finally watched the Vice...
  5. moderndarwin

    Hourly Workers Partial Unemployment - the Rona

    if you are an hourly paid worker in California (example works at Starbucks like 37 hours a week) and are working less now because of the Rona (say 25 hours last week) should you file for partial unemployment benefits? Starbucks specifically seems to have some catastrophe pay stuff they are...
  6. moderndarwin

    Woodworking Carpentry & Stuff Making

    Edit: If there’s something you’ve made or fixed that you want to share please post. Provides inspiration for the rest of us. I’m taking the plunge this year after watching enough YouTube videos to last lifetimes. Anyone else build stuff? I have zero knowledge. Never operated a power tool. My...
  7. moderndarwin

    Renewable Energy Overtakes Fossil Fuel

    Are we about to enter a new era? I’m seeing it happen in Germany and it’s kind of shocking how quiet the news about this is in general. NT what are the best bets for renewable energy companies to invest in?
  8. moderndarwin

    short term memory of chimps

    that’s really something else. Here’s a longer more recent video about this. I don’t really agree with some of the conclusions but an interesting watch.
  9. moderndarwin

    HBO: Ali Documentary

    was fire - a great and thoguht provoking watch. Anybody else catch this?
  10. moderndarwin

    NBA All time athleticism rankings

    1. Lebron 2. Shaq 3. Zion 4. Jordan 5. Drob 6. Wilt 7. Kobe 8. Dominique 9. Vince 10. Erving 11. Scottie 12. Charles 13. Amare 14. Blake 15. Rose 16. Westbrook I only ranked using players that are top 100 (or potentially top 100) arguable at their peak/prime playing level. Based on their...
  11. moderndarwin

    Would you accept money from those wealthier than you?

    Had a 28 hour car ride with the boys and this was something we discussed. Say that all the super wealthy (above 100M net worth) in the US got together and decided to randomly support everyone else in the US by paying their income tax for the next 5 years + paying student loans for 5 years...
  12. moderndarwin

    Are we in the decade(s) of China?

  13. moderndarwin

    Questions / Conversational Tips for a 1:1

    I have a 1:1 lunch with the CFO of our company tomorrow. I’m trying to ask for a promotion and title increase. Got a review document prepared to give her at the end of the lunch. We’ve never had much time to be 1:1 on I think it makes sense to not focus on only talking about work. Any tips for...
  14. moderndarwin

    The greatest athlete you’ve never heard of?

    ...but clearly have now heard of? For me it’s Alexander Karelin. The dominance he had over his sport makes Mike and Gretzky look human. 887-2, 3x Olympic champion, undefeated for 13 years. 6’5 290. Had he been born 20 years later he would likely be considered the greatest fighter of all time...
  15. moderndarwin

    National Pizza Day

    no thread? Had some nice Slice House for lunch. Thinking bout rocking some Round Table for dinner.
  16. moderndarwin

    Pet sitters?

    First year having two cats. We are going to be out of the country for 10 days. What do you usually do? Any websites or apps that will be helpful?
  17. moderndarwin

    What sort of bug is this?

    we have cats and cat tell if these bugs on the carpet are fleas or not.
  18. moderndarwin

    Microwaveable food

    660 calories for the whole box. I was trying to decide on a healthy low calorie dinner and came across the frozen section. Haven't shopped there in a at least 7 years. It's changed quite a bit - a ridiculous amount of healthyish options. I'm not comparing it to making your own healthy food, but...
  19. moderndarwin

    Anyone get down with Dr. Sarno and TMS for lower back problems?

    Cliffs: There is no physical problem. The pain is basically a form of stress release. Solution - psychological not physical. Got a bad case of it right now.
  20. moderndarwin

    I plan to change careers and become a software engineer or programmer

    I have zero coding knowledge. I'm 32. I work in accounting currently. My plan is to learn on nights and weekends for the next 8-12 months to prepare for a coding bootcamp in SF. I'll keep this thread updated. Niketalk is the only forum I regularly use right now and it's a motivating place for...
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