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  1. johnpauljoes

    Yeezy platinum legit check

  2. johnpauljoes

    Yeezy platinum legit check

  3. johnpauljoes

    Yeezy platinum legit check

    These legit?? Soles look too green to me:
  4. johnpauljoes

    Legit check

    I think these are fake, going off my pair. Some of the stitching and coloring look off. The holes on back shape look off. My shoe has 4 of the nipples on the back running down the outside...yours have more. The two cutouts by the ankles on both sides of the shoe would be reflective. May ask...
  5. johnpauljoes


    Is the Goodwillout site legit?? I know there either is or use to be a goodwillout store in Germany that was the site really affiliated with the legit store??
  6. johnpauljoes

    Air Yeezy 2 Solar Red Legit Check

    Thanks fellas!! Got them for $4,600, dead stock,
  7. johnpauljoes

    Air Yeezy 2 Solar Red Legit Check

    Bought these for a lot, and want to make sure they're real before I start wearing them.
  8. johnpauljoes

    Legit check Yeezy 350 Turtle Dove

    Yes they're fake. First clue is turtle doves didn't come in half sizes.
  9. johnpauljoes

    Legit Check/Price Guide (Nike Air Yeezy 2 Platinum)

    Triangles on the strap pull are cut too sharp. They should have rounded edges.
  10. johnpauljoes


    The red octobers are legit too
  11. johnpauljoes

    Kobe X Htm LC please. Thanks

    Legit In my opinion
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