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  1. nyc game

    How long does it take for a moderator to approve a classification post.

    My post has been sitting in limbo for 2 days now. Thanks.
  2. nyc game

    F/S Nike Sportswear Tech Funnel Neck Pullover Hoodie Legion Green / black Small

    Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Hoodie Pullover Sweatshirt Funnel hood construction. Lightweight thermal construction Double-faced jersey fabric Perforated holes for ventilation Adjustable three-panel funnel neck hood Shaped cuffs and hem Side zip Printed logo on chest 66% Cotton 34%...
  3. nyc game

    F/S Ralph Lauren Polo Heavy Down Vest with Detachable hood

    Hi; I'm selling a lightly used Please, serious buyers only. Only contact me with your questions. Asking Price $60 shipped. Description Retail: $169.00 Condition: Gently used Shipping: handling time within 2 days Includes a detachable hood and inside pocket. Size: Small.
  4. nyc game

    Niketown in Manhattan gone?

    I was in the city going to Niketown on 57th and 6th ave, saw paper over the windows and no sign, I called the operator at who sounded really confused like she didn't know the store was closed herself, she directed me that it was inside Trump Towers to which the security advised me they...
  5. nyc game

    Betty Shelby found not guilty and will return to active duty Which one of y'all still believe in the Just-us system again?
  6. nyc game

    I need your opinion on selling a jersey on eBay

    I'm looking to sell an authentic Tim Duncan Nike Jersey size 48 on eBay what price do y'all think I can realistically get for this. It's in perfect condition I see guys putting up starting prices of $100 and it possibly selling for more, than I see guys who list jerseys for $399 and $499 which I...
  7. nyc game

    Another shooting investigators say maybe linked to

    The same incidents with minnesota and louisianna. I never post these cop shooting stories but it's getting real.
  8. nyc game

    can somebody tell me what sorcery is this!?

    That's not your average mac makeup AG's be getting at the mall. Yes this is the same person supposedly. Real life myspace angles and photoshop CS5
  9. nyc game

    Mitchell and Ness, CarerraTekno

    Mitchell and Ness Vancouver Grizzlies Pom Beanie $20 shipped
  10. nyc game

    used car thread vol. $2000 dealership fee

    To whom ever brought a used car from a dealership example mitsubishi, how much extra have you been charged in dealer fees off the sticker price. I went online price was 10,999. I understand taxes and paperwork fees but theses guys tried to rape me out of $2000 extra in dealership fees :lol I...
  11. nyc game

    Charleston heads

    I'm in charleston sc anything I should check out besides aquarium?
  12. nyc game

    Graduate/Portfolio Website

    I'm creating a portfolio website for myself and my web design class, need some tips. I have a contact page, resume page, home and portfolio. What are some critical overlooked elements that might be missing in lets say my "about me/home" or "Contact page"? Anybody have a website that they...
  13. nyc game

    2013 Charger or 2014 Malibu?

    So I used to have a 01 Chrysler Sebring Convertible (terrible buy) needless to say it eventually went caput (engine problems). Fast forward I swore I would never buy another Chrysler, Jeep or similar maker (includes dodge) product. Now here's the deal I don't want to get a ticking time bomb...
  14. nyc game

    How to troll a dating website *Que Ron Simmons voice* I'm gonna just let the pics speak for themselves
  15. nyc game

    Aglit Italy Leather/suede shoe strings

    Am I late? Has anyone saw this yet? Bootleg benny would be proud and angry at the same time. Dudes chargin 70 bucks for some shoestrings.8o They had a pop up shop in Soho 355 Bowery and they plan on doing it again on the 25th with celebs and stuff. I can't front the gold ones look nice but...
  16. nyc game

    Saw this and thought of NT

    don't know why. IflateIduncare
  17. nyc game

    when NT made the starter jacket thread

    At first I was like :rolleyes. I remember rocking a Mets Blue jacket when I was a kid in the 80's. This is strongly making me reconsider. Feel free to post your favorite Jacket.
  18. nyc game

    This chick should try out of the Manchester United

    sorry if posted already. I wonder how NT would react of one of their boys caught it like this :{ :lol
  19. nyc game

    This guy is making NT'ers feelbatman

    So I'm walking down Mercer street and guess what I see. NT's favorite super hero Car. Da hemi
  20. nyc game

    21 painfully awkward band photos

    Don't know if this has been posted yet
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