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  1. supraman1784

    Known Can't edit signature

    @Methodical Management Please remove my current sig. Thanks.
  2. supraman1784

    August 2019 Pickup Thread

    those Joyride's are fire
  3. supraman1784

    New Commercial Starring...Bruce Lee!

    this is such a dope commercial.... very well done... thanks for the share
  4. supraman1784

    Going to Atlantic City this weekend. Recommendations wanted braj's

    Whitehouse is the truth.... Cheesesteak or the special.... mmmm i want one now
  5. supraman1784

    NeverWet Reviews

    damn... so many uses for this. dope product... definitely gonna pick some of this up.
  6. supraman1784

    Maui, Hawaii (lahaina) anyone ever been to?

    that cliff jumping video looks dope... :eek
  7. supraman1784


    thread saved....
  8. supraman1784

    is this from power rangers vol. crying

    what the hell is this? :rollin hahaha i have no words...
  9. supraman1784


    hmm....intredasting.... id like to know more....8o
  10. supraman1784

    The God Arnold, saving the youth through inspiration

    this is one of my favorite videos.....i play this every chance i get. :hat
  11. supraman1784

    Mysterious Cave Complexes discovered in China

    interesting...would definitely like to know more about them.
  12. supraman1784

    From Deep Within The Friendzone

    :lol this gif popped into my head when i scrolled through this's hard to wrap my head around how dumb these dudes are. i'm not saying to be a ****....but damn, where's all the self-respect? :x
  13. supraman1784

    PSY - Gentleman

    catchy tune...catchy dance too.... i enjoyed it
  14. supraman1784

    Anyone here just say F it and up and sold their entire collection?

    im about to put up 90% of it this weekend.... i rarely wear any of it anymore. i'll keep the ones i plan on wearing or will wear in the near future, but everything else is gone.
  15. supraman1784

    Russian photographers secretly climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza and captured the view :hat

    crazy view.... i love these wonders of the world.
  16. supraman1784


    i like these commercials... never saw the first one....funny stuff
  17. supraman1784

    Hennessy Pure White

    i just tried this 2 weeks ago...i like it. i find it much smoother than regular henny. my boy brought this back from Antigua...good stuff.
  18. supraman1784

    In-N-Out Philippines?

    damn man....missing a double double animal right now.... still haven't been to Jollibee in the states even though they opened one up near me in Jersey City
  19. supraman1784

    Dressing Better Vol 2.0

    crossroads in pa is much better than jersey gardens....jersey gardens is too disorganized. i hate going there. i take the trip to the poconos all the has better selection everytime i go.
  20. supraman1784

    Comedian Brilliantly Mocks the Westboro Baptist Church

    :rollin :hat this guy is pretty good hahaha
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