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  1. thehealthinspector

    Want the ps3 but think its too expensive? $299 PS3 looks like theyre sold out
  2. thehealthinspector

    what do u hate about the internet

    sometimes i hate the internet
  3. thehealthinspector

    all star game missing something

    i ask that the mods dont move this post cause this is more about all star games in general, just happen to focus on this recent one I dont know how yall feel but there was something missing in the all start game that lacked kobe bryant, tracy mcgrady, and vince carter - these are guys that have...
  4. thehealthinspector

    Speaking of all star weekend, how the eff

    how the hell did Jason Richardson lose a dunk contest with this dunk, they should have shut down the competition and give him the award after this dunk
  5. thehealthinspector

    Post athletes who you think bring more than just stats to a team

    So, lets see em, show some athletes who bring it on game day, athletes who bring more to a team that just what they do on the field, (NT, plz dont try to turnthis into some "yeah, he brings disaster to a team" nonsense, i seriously think that without these guys, their teams would have either no...
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