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  1. isyouserious

    The Christmas Gift Thread

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays fam! Just curious as to see what y'all planned on getting your loved one's for Christmas and what y'all are asking for. Will delete if theres already a gift thread. Moms - Michael Buble tickets at Oracle. She never asks for anything so last few years been...
  2. isyouserious

    Official Borderlands: The PreSequel Thread

    Didn't see a thread for this yet and it comes it this Tuesday.  I know there are some Borderlands players on here.  For those that haven't played this game, if you're into action RPGs this is a must.  If you're into loot, this is the game for you. PSN: Brb_Fapping
  3. isyouserious

    Post Your Headphones/Earbuds

    Pretty much just looking for recommendations for some good in-ear buds. Already own these and I must say they're great.  Nice sound, good bass.  I just don't like wearing them to the gym.
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