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    ........ but he ain't even shout out Niketalk!

  2. b20 eg8


    .........can't breathe right now. :rollin If repost IDC cause this ish was funny as hell!
  3. b20 eg8

    11 Years and Counting..... Vol. I Love Needles

  4. b20 eg8

    Just snapped on my Co-Worker, I think he's outside crying.

    ...... And i dont even care.... I've had enough of this kid. I personally think he's special needs and I've asked him if he takes medication before. He flew out here from Boston like 9 months ago and he's on this "Road to Stardom". He wants to be a godamn actor, which there's nothing wrong...
  5. b20 eg8

    Jordan XI Christmas 2013 Speculation Thread Qam Black/Gamma Blue-Blck-Vraty MZ 378037-006 Updated Pa

    So as of now I don't think there's anything concrete as to what the 2013 Christmas release would be. I know a lot of people are hoping for the Columbias. AS OF NOW THIS LOOKS TO BE THE 2013 HOLIDAY RELEASE.... Another
  6. b20 eg8

    Anyone else ever NOT had the Chicken Pox????

    Never had the chicken pox. Growing up my parents would sit me next to my cousins/family friends when they had it hoping I would finally get them but I never did. Anyone else out there??? 8o
  7. b20 eg8

    Don't know how many of you in here are into The X Games but.....

    Been a fan since forever ago. Sal Masekela is no longer gonna be apart. :{
  8. b20 eg8

    Papa John's givin us that work again.... 40% OFF.

    Use Coupon Code - SANTA Good through the 9th of December ** IDK WHY THERE'S 2 THREADS** :rolleyes
  9. b20 eg8

    Meh... Not working .. Lock This Up

  10. b20 eg8

    Macy's Friends & Family Sale...

    Don't know if posted already... If so, oh well. Use code : FRIEND November 28th - December 3rd. Works on regular , sale and clearance items. here's a pic because I know NT likes pics.
  11. b20 eg8

    Your Handsome *** Grandfather Had One Blade........... AND POLIO.

    Alright y'all. The Vid is hilarious and I really hate buying blades and razors like most others I think. Didn't see a thread on it but it sounds promising. I just signed up and awaiting my razor/blades now. I went with the $6 version. anyone here already signed up?? Good or bad In...
  12. b20 eg8

    Bay Area Here I Come!!

    Well hell there.  This weekend I will be traveling up to the bay are... I will be staying near Japantown and I will have a vehicle so I will be mobile. I'm looking for sneaker spots that have a nice selection of some older heat and spots that get some early releases and what not.... I know...
  13. b20 eg8


    Seller says they r authentic OG.
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