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  1. therealest1

    Legitimate Nationals jersey?

    I saw this Nationals Stephen Strasburg jersey on eBay being offered in multiple sizes at $83.99 each and free shipping. Too good to be true? I sent a message to the seller to send me more personal photos so I can make an assessment on it. So far there are only 3 real photos on the listing...
  2. therealest1

    Rams home opening game vs. Seahawks

    I have a Rams ticket for sale at $260. It's their home opening game against Seahawks on Sept. 18, 2016. Get a ticket to witness history! It's their first official home game back to their hometown origin! The ticket is in section 26, row 17, seat 109. Thanks for the interest.
  3. therealest1

    Rams preseason ticket. - PLEASE DELETE. IT HAS BEEN SOLD ELSEWHERE.

    I have a Rams vs. Chiefs preseason ticket. The game is on August 19, 2016, Sat. $80 face value, section 26, row 17. Ticket will be an attachment immediately sent via email ready for printing once payment is received. Thanks for the interest.
  4. therealest1

    Legitimate varsity red/black Foamposite?

    Can anyone please verify if these varsity red/black Foamposite are legitimate? And when were these released? I don't recall these too well. Here's the eBay link.
  5. therealest1

    Legitimate 2007 Foamposite?

    Bear with me y'all. This is my first legitimate check I ever posted. But what do y'all think about these 2007 blue Foamposite I saw on eBay? Legitimate or fake? Here's the link to the listing with photos...
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