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  1. subtlewordplay

    Jordan 1 Biohack

    Seeing all these laceswaps had me thinking... "Man I'm bored today" lol... (Still undecided if I'm keeping them or using them for trade bait...thinking Mochas will be tough).
  2. subtlewordplay

    Jordan 1 Biohack

    Mine just arrived from Nike... Never knew the back of the tongues were solid (no slits).
  3. subtlewordplay

    Jordan 1 Biohack

    Got the SNKRS shipping confirmation ETA Wed 9/9 (Nor Cal). Stupid SNKRS app. Uninstalled it prior because my feed kept being out of date. Had to reinstall it the morning I copped. Despite logged in, I forgot it asks for verification PW during cart checkout. Forgot my PW a few times :wow:...I'm...
  4. subtlewordplay

    Air Jordan VII Retro (Paris Saint Germain) (Spring '21)

    Damn... these actually look pretty crazy.
  5. subtlewordplay

    OFFICIAL RAP BATTLE THREAD: Hitman Holla vs. Aye Verb p.12

    Daylyt vs Tay Roc goin down at NOME X
  6. subtlewordplay

    Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG UNC To Chicago $170

    Got that W on Snkrs size W13.5/M11.5 ... Good Luck yall
  7. subtlewordplay

    Air Jordan 4 x UNION LA Thread

    Unofficial mockups:
  8. subtlewordplay

    Air Jordan 4 x UNION LA Thread

    I'm interested. I bet that's probably just a mock up Pic... The whole idea of the Union 1s was that it was paying homage to 2 existing classic cws mashed together in a vintage/distressed remix. It'll be interesting if they use the same formula for these or come out with something entirely new.
  9. subtlewordplay

    Reverse hgg 13s

    These are basically a white version of the Melos. Pass.
  10. subtlewordplay

    Air Jordan 1 OG high- OBSIDIAN August 31st 2019

    My pine greens are a tad stiffer than my Shadows. If I was blindfolded, I probably couldn't tell the difference between my Shadows and Obsidians just based on feel.
  11. subtlewordplay

    Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

    Naaaaachoooooo Liiiiiibbbreeee
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