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  1. Fong$tarr

    Supreme SF is coming

    I am sure we all heard rumores but it seems to be true. via True's Instagram: "Welcome to Supreme, our new Haight Street neighbors" With this and Diamond Supply, those are some powerhouse streetwear stores moving in. Honestly as much as this stuff is not as hot as it used to, both will do...
  2. Fong$tarr

    ***Official Tattoo Thread: Inked-4-Life Vol.2***

    Figured to just start another thread since the other one disappeared during the move. Not that I have a full knowledge of tattoos but people know I am a fan and enjoy the work of others. So post up any pics, questions or whatever else relating to tattooing. And to just add to this first post...
  3. Fong$tarr

    Total Recall 2012 Trailer

    Did a search and didn't see a post on it. Still can't believe they remade this.
  4. Fong$tarr

    Pulling John: a documentary on arm wrestling

    Has anyone seen this? I just saw this today and this is one of the best documentaries I ever seen. It's pretty much the real life Over The Top. A guy named John Brzenk that is pretty much the best arm wrestler in the biz (youtube his other matches) I came into this documentary not knowing the...
  5. Fong$tarr

    Nike Cali P-Rod 2.5 & Gucci Colorway(pics)

    Cali Gucci!
  6. Fong$tarr

    My UPS package was opened.....who is at fault?

    Sup NT. I am sure a lot of guys have dealt with shady packages from buying stuff online. I ordered a lens cap from B&H Photos with next day air shipping and when I received the package when I got back from my apartment, it was opened and my lens cap was gone. Who is at fault here? Normally...
  7. Fong$tarr

    Vans X Supreme vol: Mike Carroll reissue

    To the people that care.....Supreme has reissued Mike Carroll's Vans pro shoe. Wow.
  8. Fong$tarr

    Prodigy Of Mobb Deep is artistic? vo. Skateboard Art

    Don't even know if this is relevant to music but I figured to post in here. And I am not saying his artwork is the best but still, it's not half bad considering. I guess when you are in jail, you have all the time in the work to be creative.
  9. Fong$tarr

    The sweet sounds of Yoko Ono vol. WUAH AH HA!!

    Someone just sent this to me cause I am kind of tired at work and this pretty much woke me up. Sorry if late. ARGHADSMALKJHWHDWUHLJKNDVQKNMSLDGKGGNKERKE!!!!!!!!
  10. Fong$tarr

    V Magazine’s Sexy Scratch-off Covers (pics)

    For the people that actually want to buy them:
  11. Fong$tarr

    Lindsay Lohan COMPLEX Cover

  12. Fong$tarr

    $3 Rappin' 4 Tay tickets for Tomorrow @ Yoshi's SF I just saw it on the Yoshi's mailing list. For tomorrow with another artist. Actually it is supposed to be free but there is a $3 charge per ticket. Just a heads up.
  13. Fong$tarr

    Has COMCAST Customer Security ever called you?

    I just got a call from Comcast (didn't pick up) and some guy left me a message that this was some urgent/time sensative issue and need me to even call back and even had a case number. I googled online to see what this number was and found out it was Comcast security and read some guys experience...
  14. Fong$tarr

    New Olivia Munn pics vol. Complex Mag

    Sorry if I am late. Might not be thread worthy but just thought this was a cool photo spread.
  15. Fong$tarr

    New Lindsey Lohan Pics vol. Terry Richardson

    Sorry if already posted. I figure some of you guys might like this:
  16. Fong$tarr

    Poltergeist actress dies at age 76 vol Come into the light!

    Since everyone seems to be infatuated with deaths. I remember watching this movie a ton of times back when I was a kid. That damn tree gave me so many nightmares and I never looked at pools the same.
  17. Fong$tarr

    Nike SB P-Rod 4 (Pics)

  18. Fong$tarr

    Apple Mac Experts - Where can you buy iMac parts?

    I have a 24" iMac (2006) and my slotdrive is broken. I want to buy one online but all the places I have Googled look pretty shady or I just want someother references. I either want a factory replacement or something maybe a little faster as far as burn speed is concerned. Any help would be...
  19. Fong$tarr

    Kim K's New Look

    Sorry if posted.
  20. Fong$tarr

    Nike Omar Salazar SB samples (pics)

    Not sure if any of you guys know are big fans of skating but one of the other pros on Nike SB is getting a shoe (3rd sig shoe aside from P-Rod and StefanJanoski) and these sample photos were already leaked. I heard rumors back that it would be somewhat of a tech shoe meshed into a blazer type...
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