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  1. John Wick

    Content Creators Come On In Joe Rogan Edition 100mil

    Just saw Joe Rogan hit a $100 million contract with spotify. What are yall take on this who makes podcast and other content for free. This may be the new hustle if you make it big like Rogan. I like this take on on the deal from this guy. Sites who constantly censor people are on the way out...
  2. John Wick

    Trade War USA Vs. China

    I been following this issue ever since the USA banned Huawei from entering the USA a few years ago and the legal battles Apple has been fighting with Qualcomm which seems like forever now. I wanted to put this in the Apple thread but this is bigger than the Apple thread. Apple just got pulled...
  3. John Wick

    Hurricane Irma, FL Nters We May Be Next

    Wassup FL NTers. As we all know Irma is on the way. heres a good website to see how you area will be affected by flooding Stay safe and have a plan. Praying we dodge another one. :emoji_pray:
  4. John Wick

    Those .01 cent bidding website's

    Whats up with those sites? for example... Has anybody on NT won anything off those sites? Is it legit or a scam? Any stories? 8o
  5. John Wick

    My Grandma and Grandpa Past Away Near Simultaneously

    Hello NT I been on here for awhile and never thought I would be doing this but this is a time in my families life where we need it the most. Been a real stressful past 2 weeks for my family with my grandad passing away trying to shovel snow from that major snow storm the east coast just had. He...
  6. John Wick

    Deck Gregory: Wisdom | The Two-Hour Special

    Just watched this video thought it was a good listen.
  7. John Wick

    Louis Farrakhan Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

    Great interview must watch :smokin
  8. John Wick

    Meundies - The World's Most Comfortable Underwear

    Whats's up NT, I don't make threads at all, mostly just lurk and post seldom. I had to start this thread after listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast, he always promotes stuff on his podcast so i decided to head over to the site and check it out. some underwear company he is always raving about...
  9. John Wick

    Air Jordan 11 cool grey... Size 9.5... No original box...

    Air Jordan 11 cool grey... Size 9.5... No original box... 100 or best offer please email me for questions and paypal only please...
  10. John Wick

    Nike air foamposite one blue "OG colorway"... Size 9.5...

    Nike air foamposite one blue "OG colorway"... Size 9.5... 180 or best offer please email me for questions and paypal only ...
  11. John Wick

    Nike lebron 8 v/2 low solar red size 10

    Nike lebron 8 v/2 low solar red size 10.... 80 or best offer please email me for questions and paypal only too
  12. John Wick

    Nike huarache free 2012 BHM size 9.5

    Nike huarache free 2012 BHM size 9.5... 50 or obo please email me for questions and paypal only ...
  13. John Wick

    Air Jordan 4 "cement" DS size 9.5

    Air Jordan 4 "cement" DS size 9.5.... Never worn or tried on... 250 or best offer paypal only please email me at for question and offers...
  14. John Wick

    MacBook Pro dilemma help !

    Wassup NT I have 2011 MacBook Pro I split just a lil bit of water on it while it was close and now it doesn't work it's been about a month since this happened and now all it does is boot up with the Mac sound keyboard lights up and works but I'm not getting a picture on the screen.. I took it to...
  15. John Wick

    New Ciroc Flavor called Amaretto

    Anybody had it yet? i cant find it in my town for nothing but my boy in houston already got it
  16. John Wick

    Bizarre Foods America

    Random thread... But does anybody on here watch this show?? Has anybody ever notcied that everything Andrew eats no matter what it is he always exaggerates on how good it taste??? :{ When I first started watching his show I thought he was a good food critic but now I think he is just a fat...
  17. John Wick

    Woman has 15 kids and 3 baby fathers and says someone is responsible

    Could someone embed this video I'm on my phone.. I'm not trying to start a race war but this video made me mad.. Not because she has 15 kids and can't take care of em.. The reason why I'm mad is because they basically took her kids from her and put them into a foster home because she can't...
  18. John Wick

    Car Audio Heads JL Audio Help..

    Wassup NT im in the market to buy a new sound system and i always been a fan on JL Audio but never even owned anything from the company   Im a real huge fan of the W7 but never heard it in person... I done heard plenty of systems before so I'm no newbie.... But my question is i want to buy 1 JL...
  19. John Wick

    Child Support Aint No Joke Fellas

    Man I'm over seas and could go to my court hearing... so i missed it and my baby moms won... she going to be getting $800 a month from me  ... off of one child... and if there is any NT'ers on here who are in the service please tell me this is ridiculous because you and me both know we don't...
  20. John Wick

    16 and Pregnant TV show

    Wassup NT I don't watch a lot of TV anymore but this is my first time seeing this show and its a 15 year old girl on here preggo....  don't get me wrong I already know how young most kids are when they first engage in sex... But for MTV to put this on TV is crazy....  I dont understand why MTV...
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