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  1. deeksdog

    Anyone Collect Sports Cards?

    ^and I’m selling Bc priorities have Changed, we want to move into a bigger house and bring another child into the world hopefully in the next 3-5 years, so no need for me to not go ahead and try to contribute as much as I can to that fund! Funny how things change so quickly, it’s what keeps...
  2. deeksdog

    Anyone Collect Sports Cards?

    honestly man, I’m probably going to be selling the majority of my cards...that’s not all I have,lots more, I can offer them to the nt fam before I list them Ofc, and I’m in no rush, but yea, all the Kobe’s are for sale. the 08/09 chrome set, I know I have the regular, refractor and I want to...
  3. deeksdog

    Anyone Collect Sports Cards?

    mannn y’all made me pull out some of my stuff ive had sitting that I need to get listed, this is just some of the stuff from the first box I could get too lol smh rose and russell some bean rookies and inserts Some of that gold magic some youthquakes 👀 I got so much of this bum, lol...
  4. deeksdog

    The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

    show is top notch, the last season is not on Netflix yet
  5. deeksdog

    Chris D'Elia

    He’s beyond cooked:
  6. deeksdog

    NT's LEGAL Gun Thread UPDATE...First Youtube Firearm Review Page 61

    ^what are those two bigger ones??😍
  7. deeksdog

    Nuclear-Strength Weed sending kids to the hospital

    Happy holidays brahs
  8. deeksdog

    R.I.P Kobe Bryant.

    what size are you? I’ve got a few pairs of his 2k4 and 2k5 hurraches
  9. deeksdog

    Anyone Collect Sports Cards?

    Posting for later
  10. deeksdog

    R.I.P Kobe Bryant.

    mannnn I think I just might have to in DS these today.....MVP or the MAPS
  11. deeksdog

    Has a scene from a movie or tv show ever made you cry VOL.....REAL TEARS

    Me, Earl, and the dying girl.
  12. deeksdog

    Adele Seems So Chill...

  13. deeksdog

    Old washed Supreme Thread vol. LOCK IT UP!!!

    if you're referring to the person in this picture, then that is Supreme's creative directore for what the past 8-9 years, so not sure what characters they are seeding.... they do, seed some, characters, but thats going to be way closer to teh lookbook date and would happen when they go fly...
  14. deeksdog

    Old washed Supreme Thread vol. LOCK IT UP!!!

    i dont see the ink running and would like closer pics of the front/back of the tag, but that shirt looks 100% legit based on those three pics, i dont forsee the close-up pics changing that opinion...
  15. deeksdog

    MAKING A MURDERER | Season 2 on October 19th!

    sub to watch this while i'm off this week
  16. deeksdog

    Fools Wildin Thinking They Doing It Unappreciation Vol Get The @#*+ out

    Shia levels of swag 
  17. deeksdog


    hmmm damn, really. I was thinking M bc my friend that is like 20 lbs lighter then me said the S was a little tight on his calves....I'm 5'10-5' most 150 on a heavy day...but normally like 145......and wear 30 in chinos, but like 27-28 in raw denim and most washed jeans 29...thinking I...
  18. deeksdog

    Old washed Supreme Thread vol. LOCK IT UP!!!

    It does not
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