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  2. needsomejays

    Someone trying to scam me on eBay. Help me out please

    Posting on mobile so bear with me. Post a pair of jordans for sale for a buy it now option only. Get noticed within an hour they were sold and the guy sent the payment immediately(July 11th). I sent the shoes out that following Monday(the 13th) via USPS priority mail. I also printed the label...
  3. needsomejays

    Iowa court OKs firing of female dental assistant for being 'irresistibly attractive'

    Horndog bosses in Iowa have a new tool to save their marriages — they can fire employees who are too hot for the workplace. The state’s all-male Supreme Court ruled 7-0 Friday that an Iowa City dentist legally canned his female assistant because she was “irresistibly attractive” and a threat to...
  4. needsomejays

    Anybody ever receive a "fix it ticket"? need a little help

    So the other night I got pulled over. Cop says he pulled me over just for my tints. Says "all tints are illegal, unless its from the factory." Cop says he's gonna let me off with a warning, but still gives me a sheet of paper that resembles a ticket. I've gotten a ticket before from the same...
  5. needsomejays

    Thinking of picking up and moving vol. YOLO

    I feel like I've always played it safe and I really feel like its time for some change. I don't really feel like i've ever truly done what I wanted. I'm 22, in school, have a typical part time retail job, live at home, etc etc. and I'm reallythinking about moving to Florida after this semester...
  6. needsomejays

    NT I just got my first ticket :( need your halp!

    So I just got my first ticket, it was for rolling through a stop sign :rolleyes Being that its my first ticket what is the best way to go about this? The ticket was $110 which seems pretty damn hefty for rolling through a stop sign.
  7. needsomejays

    Jordan White/Cement 3 size 10.5 worn once!

    Hello fellow NTers, fastest way to contact me is through PM's, you can also email me at I have plenty of refs, just ask paypal only please! for sale and trade I have a pair of Jordan white/cement 3's size 10.5, the most recent release of them. They were worn once and look...
  8. needsomejays

    What is the most alcohol you've drank in one night?

    Thought this could be interesting  not sure if it was done before as for me, I'm not really a big drinker so mine was the equivalent of 13 shots and a random beer somewhere in there, this was in about 3 1/2 - 4 hour span if I recall correctly.
  9. needsomejays

    Anybody own a Sharp TV? yay or nay?

    I tried google, couldnt really find any reviews on this particular tv. On sale this week at best buy, any help would be appreciated;slref=10&slloc=01
  10. needsomejays

    problem solved, thanks for the responses!, feel free to close MODS

    so last thursday my htc incredible 2 completely died on me, verizon sent a new one, came in today. Now my question is do I put my old sim card in the new phone? Its interesting because the replacement didnt come with a battery or sd card, but it DID have a sim card. I've googled it and got mixed...
  11. needsomejays

    NT i need your help quick vol. birthday ideas (now with text! lol)

    lol what the !+#*, i typed out a whole paragraph anyway, im taking this girl out for her birthday tomorrow. Havent seen her in a while so im trying to hang out with her all day. I have the dinner down but i need some other ideas. I know we have some creative people here. thanks
  12. needsomejays

    For those living in apartments, how long does the approval/move in process take?

    Trying to get an apartment ASAP over here and i was just wondering how long it takes to move in? Like i know how have to get approved and all that, so for those in apartments right now, how long did all of that take? thanks guys
  13. needsomejays

    Who wants a free BluRay? Im in a giving mood EDIT:Celticspride34 wins!

    Well yesterday at work i won Inglourious Basterds on BluRay, i dont have a BluRay player so i have no use for it. Figured id let one of my NT brethren have it. So lets play the number game, 1-100, first to guess wins. one guess each, Also any one who is actually looking through the numbers...
  14. needsomejays

    NT i have a legal question for you guys, law heads are appreciated

    Say a website says they only sell 100% authentic products, but it turns out the products really arent authentic. Do you have a case?  edit: in essence this is just a hypothetical question, i really have no intentions of pursuing a case, i just was wondering, i highly doubt id get any type of...
  15. needsomejays

    Real talk, is there any looking back after going raw?........srs

    Had to use a condom last night for the first time in who knows how long. Feels bad man  I think i +!$%** myself over by goin raw for so long. So is there anyway to go back or is it team raw for life? Serious discussion please respond
  16. needsomejays

    DOUBLE, please lock

    double please respond
  17. needsomejays

    Seller put in a cancellation request on the item i won (Ebay) who will win this?

    So i won a pair of shoes for about $75 shipped, the seller also had them for a buy it now of $190, but all he wanted was to put the buy it now price up and not the auction. Now he is trying to put a cancellation in on them i said nah i want my shoes. So who will win this? im thinking that i'll...
  18. needsomejays

    I need halp, laptop has a virus (not computer savy)

    Posting from my phone right now, anyway I was just browsing the internet on my laptop and all of the sudden it shut down,and so did all the other programs I had running at the time. Tried restarting the computer and everything, but nothing will open. What can I do?
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