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  1. Kobekobe

    just got fired for the stupidest reason in the world. still laughing hours later

    let me cliff it - last day of work today (put 2 weeks in). got a better job that pays 2x as much - called in sick a for a few shifts because i needed the time off for training for new job. tried to use vacation days but my requests either went ignored or were declined - show up to work, just...
  2. Kobekobe


    Kobe IX Nike ID Thread FlyKnit Low $245 Current Options: Fade Solid EM $205 Current Options: Solid Moonwalker Fireworks Expression Camo Past options: Easter FAQ Q: Will the multi-color option return to NIKEID? A: No one knows. Shoe pics:
  3. Kobekobe

    Jeremy Lin Houston Rockets Press Conference

    a friend an i started up a new youtube channel doing sports parodies with bobbleheads. my friend usually writes the script, and i do all the video work. some of you may understand some of the jokes, some may not. haters are welcome. in a few weeks we have 38 subscribers and a couple thousand...
  4. Kobekobe


    before people tell me that there's already a thread on this shoe, i know.. but there's too much negativity in there. also, any questions, just ask. i might have missed something (i'm not a professional shoe reviewer or anything). i know there are a few people on here that actually play ball in...
  5. Kobekobe

    hardwood floor experts (basketball)... dead spots.

    this is a weird thread but hear me out. i need some serious advice. mods move if necessary. you know those dead spots on basketball courts (the older ones) where when you bounce a basketball and the ball hardly bounces? well this league i'm playing in has a gym like that, and these spots are all...
  6. Kobekobe

    basketball rule question...

    i was playing some ball yesterday and during one of the plays, i was kind of stuck but near the net, no one was open and i had to make a move or i'd be called for 3 in the key. i pump fake, throw the ball off the backboard to myself and lay it up   the ref comes up to me and says he's never seen...
  7. Kobekobe

    i think i just encountered the biggest idiot on craigslist vol. not scam

    so i'm looking for a copy of gta 4 so i can play online when bored  dude is selling a copy for $10. i pm him asking for condition and if he has the game manual. he replies: "With case and manual 15"  me =  i reply: he must be new to life.. no i don't have a blog
  8. Kobekobe

    NT, what's this? ..............

    sorry if i'm late, but what the hell? is this just an illusion? 
  9. Kobekobe

    Nike Shox Hyperballer

    i told myself i would never wear shox again, but these have caught my eye  looks like they did something different with the shox column's.. is there air in there? anyone have anymore info?
  10. Kobekobe

    NT, do you like carbonated water?

    i used to be  when my dad drank it, but he said it helped for stomach pain that's why he drank it. ya it tastes nasty, but it honestly helps an upset stomach almost immediately  you don't even have to drink a lot but other than curing my upset stomach, i wouldn't drink it. 
  11. Kobekobe

    Who here hates liars? do you lie a lot?

    there are a few people in my life that constantly lie about the stupidest things ever. it's little things i don't even care about.  for instance: me: so where do you go to school? friend: ____________ few days later...  me: your mom told me you don't go friend: she's lying.. me = ...
  12. Kobekobe

    Is it right to raise a child into your religion? Thoughts?

    if sports is a religion, then yes.
  13. Kobekobe

    So this Nigerian scammer is trying to scam me. Vol: i want to screw him over

    so here's the deal, i put an iPhone 4 up on craigslist. this dude msgs me interested in the item and the conversation goes as follows:
  14. Kobekobe

    Cheapest place for an MRI in buffalo?

    Im waiting and waiting for my MRI to be scheduled here in Canada, and although it's free I don't have time to wait a few months. Wheres the cheapest place I can get a scan done? I need it on my knee.
  15. Kobekobe

    he's back... vol. they rapin everybody.

    [/spoiler] edit: renamed the title
  16. Kobekobe

    people who shouldn't be driving. share your stories vol. 1

    i'd like to say this first.. i definitely don't have road rage, people are just stupid and some don't deserve to have a licence. 2 incidents happened in the past few weeks, so i thought i'd share. i'm sure you guys have some of your own - i was going to work on a busy street, speed limit was...
  17. Kobekobe

    enlighten me please.. VOL: stop snitchin...

    ok so last night, i had my neighbour pounding on my door saying my brother was outside speaking with police. i go outside and there's at least 8 cruisers, an investigator and yellow tape everywhere. so i talk to one of the cops who was talkin with my brother to see what was going on, and...
  18. Kobekobe

    NT, what colour is your room?

    so my mom told me she'll paint my room tomorrow and i gotta pick a colour. i need some ideas, i was thinking a navy blue, or dark red (my 2 fav colours)
  19. Kobekobe

    Turkoglu traded to Phx

    Suns are on verge of acquiring Hedo Turkoglu in exchange for Leandro Barbosa & adding Josh Childress in a sign-and-trade. link will come soon... developing story.
  20. Kobekobe

    Lebron being sued... by his dad?
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