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  1. KingParappa

    10 Cloverfield Lane Vol. Secret Cloverfield movie OUT NOW! Vol: Spoiler Warning It isn't working yet but its listed with the Official Trailer on Youtube Reddit: Super Bowl Trailer
  2. KingParappa

    Goosebumps Movie Vol. Childhood Horrors THOUGHTS?
  3. KingParappa

    For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots Documentary

    Just saw this on Good Morning America. For Love of Liberty is a doc about Black Soldiers throughout history.
  4. KingParappa


    Don't need 2 of these
  5. KingParappa

    Percy Jackson is the NEW SPIDER-MAN?

  6. KingParappa

    Back to the Future MOD made with Crysis (PC game) it actually works! Vol: Late Pass?

    Uhh don't kno if I'm late but
  7. KingParappa

    Samurai Jack? Live Action? J.J. Abrams?

  8. KingParappa

    Wait What?! Vol. News Bloopers

    Not tryna get banned for language New Yorkers are familiar with Ernie Asastos on the local Fox news shows…but nobody can explain to me why/how this guy managed to say to the weatherman,"Keep f-kin that chicken…" after his forecast. HUH? I can't even figure out a different term that we're just...
  9. KingParappa

    Why is he back?

  10. KingParappa


    And my man has a cut barely recognized him. Looking for pics now EDIT:
  11. KingParappa

    Watching old movies and seeing stars Vol. Back in the day!

    So I'm chilling watching Hostage (Bruce Willis flick) and noticed that T-bag from Prison Break it. � 2:40 I didn't even know he was in it. Then I was looking at Cursed (yea its crap but I like it) and saw Milo Ventagimila aka Peter from Heroes Then there's this (not even sure its him)...
  12. KingParappa

    Pixar Movies appreciation

    After reading the Toy Story 3 thread, I took a second to look back at these movies Pixar movies are Up looks to follow the trend
  13. KingParappa

    So...Beyonce wants to play She-Hulk

  14. KingParappa

    Resident Evil Appreciation Vol The games not the movies

    I love Resident Evil but the newer ones don't scare me like the old ones did. My first genuine scare for RE came with Resident Evil 2. When the licker runs across the outside of the window in the police station before u first fight one.Had me shook to go in the next room. Yelling at my cousin...
  15. KingParappa

    Reason why Melo cut his hair. VIDEO INSIDE

  16. KingParappa

    When did they bring him back?

  17. KingParappa

    Can someone make a gif of this?

    Can someone make a gif of this? 0:00 - 0:02
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