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  1. I hear TNA is hiring

    EPWT (Elite Promo Wrestling Thread) WWE Discussion ONLY | "7/8 NXT Great American Bash Night 2"

    This thread is for those who.. not care to hear about 2nd tier Sports Entertainment like AEW, TNA and ROH. ...are not interested in un-skilled , un-charismartic Female Indy Wrestlers. ...not interested in Wrestling that takes itself too serious like NJPW, who matters to 5-7% of the...
  2. I hear TNA is hiring

    I never get sick. Is anyone else like this?

    So colds, flu, respiratory illnesses are things I never think about in my life. I never get them. But all this Coronavirus actually made me think about it, and I am curious to see if any other NT members are like this. I am 35 years old. I luckily haven't had the flu, a cold or been sick since...
  3. I hear TNA is hiring

    FS For Sale Roxio Game Capture for Xbox 360 PS3 and PC

    Roxio Game Capture device for Xbox 360 and PS3. Capture edit and share your X-box and Playstation gameplay. Play in HD on your TV. Capture in 480p. Smaller file sizes for faster sharing. Video editing software made for gamers. USB, RCA and Component cables included. Supports Xbox 360, PS3 and...
  4. I hear TNA is hiring

    FS: Used Nike Air Jordan 1 I Phat sz 11 Black/Yellow/Grey

    Nike Air Jordan 1 Phat sz 11. Worn a couple of times and 100% Guaranteed Authentic. I pretty much wore these for a couple months, then just tossed them in the closet. Comes with original box. -$45 shipped OBO, Paypal preffered -I do not ship internationally. -I ship via USPS with...
  5. I hear TNA is hiring

    how do you like your steaks, prime ribs, etc??

    i like mine beyond rare, still tasting raw... how about you? just finished eating this.... i prolly have a tapeworm now...
  6. I hear TNA is hiring

    Cassel franchise tagged by patriots

    lock if its a repost: The New England Patriots have decided to ensure that quarterback Matt Cassel won't be an unrestricted free agent, as scheduled in March. AFC East blog's Tim Graham writes about all things AFC East in his division blog. • Blog network: NFL Nation Sources...
  7. I hear TNA is hiring


    made this for the kobe iv thread,just wanted to share, i have a couple in mind that i want to make, any request? i make the 3-d models on poser,daz, and 3dmax!
  8. I hear TNA is hiring

    why are they giving derrick rose's cross over on dre miller more love than jamal crossing jesus?

    just saw it on espn getting hyped up... jamal crossing ray > rose crossing miller.... east coast bias FTL
  9. I hear TNA is hiring


    these pics are in succession... you can see how one thing just led to the next, halloween costume party FTW....
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