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    Puerto Rico Will Not Be Able to Make Debt Payments

    For the Visual Learners The U.S. government has totally screwed this up for almost 100 years. Local economy has suffered since 1917 because of the Jones Act which restricts Puerto Ricans from buying goods from only American-based companies. Puerto Ricans pay Federal Taxes, were drafted into...
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    Anybody mess with Chris Rivers? (Pun's son)

    I had no clue his son was in the game. My man sent me a freestyle last weekend. Not bad, two artists that came to mind as far as his sound was Immortal Technque and Pun, although he doesn't have the charisma in his lyrics like Pun did.
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    What's your opinion on White parents adopting children of a different race?

    My wife and I went to a party over the weekend. The couple's (White) house we went to just adopted a 18 month old child (Black) in addition to already having a child. I was getting a drink when I over heard a few people saying "Not sure why they adopted a Black child.". So I looked up at them...
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    In general, is Suburbia apathetic to societal issues? Or is just me?

    It seems that people who live/from Suburbia are oblivious to societal issues like racial profiling, how people of particular races are targeted, and police harassment. It isn't their fault, they live in a middle-class neighborhood where everyone generally looks like each other so to witness...
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    Spirituality Thread: No debates. Just ideas and discussion on spiritual health

    Sup guys, I made this thread because I wanted to hear other peoples experiences in maintaining spiritual health. I've accomplished a lot in my life academically, married in a fantastic relationship, and have a good career in something I love to do. When I graduated I still felt something was...
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    Man's Leukemia Goes Into Remission using HIV and Does Not Have HIV/

    Crazy. "The Berlin Patient" still does not have HIV 2 years later either.
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    CDC: 110 Million Americans have STDs

    Ya'll tread lightly in that POF thread. :rollin
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    The Islamophobia in this country is sickening and quite sad.

    I came across the initial video on Facebook a couple days ago, and the second video I actually watched Live. Honestly, would we expect anything less from Fox News? In all seriousness, I'm not a Muslim, but have many friends who are so this issue hits home a little bit. It's actually quite sad...
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    Language Learning Software; Fluenz, Rosetta Stone, ect. Anyone with experience?

    Anyone with experience on either software? What did you think?
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    The Israeli's run Hollywood

    Grandpops (RIP) was right. 8o
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    Cops shoot up a van with children.

    Overly aggressive and over reaction. :{ Hope these douches get fired, but they'll probably get a medal.
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    Any NTers near Bedford, PA? Vol. Barbershops

    What's up, guys? I'm going to be going on an internship in Bedford for 2 months. I'm in desperate need in locating a barbershop. Any recommendations?
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    New York Football Giants 2013 Season Thread: Preseason Game @ PIT 8/10

    Here we go, gents. Key Additions/Returnees: Victor Cruz Stevie Brown Kevin Boothe Aaron Ross Dan Connor Johnathan Hankins Justin Pugh Subtractions: Osi Kenny Phillips Bradshaw Canty Boley Break out year for Reuben Randle? No Von Miller in Wk. 2. :hat
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    RGIII though. LULZ

    Ay Bae Bae.
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    Cool article for Undergrads and Grad Students: Your high GPA and high test scores mean squat

    Old article, but my brother in law forwarded this to me. I remember when I started grad school, at orientation the Dean said "All of you who are worried about getting 'A's', throw that out the window. Passing these classes are hard enough. You made it, you are already here. 'C's' get degress."...
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