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    Uber Driver stole my food and is probably laughing about it

    So I ordered $25 of sandwiches from a deli. I sit in my house for 45 minutes and I’m not seeing my car come near my house. I call the guy and he says he sat in front of my house and then left. I’m like ok... he then says he took the food back to the place. Whatever. I call the place and they say...
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    Microsoft launches Twitter Chatbot which immediately learns to be racist

    I posted about it yesterday but it seems they pulled the acct and are reworking it Microsoft launches Twitter Chatbot which immediately learns to be racist Attempt to...
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    How would you guys handle this situation vol. parents

    Im 23, senior in college, and currently living at home. My parents are arguing, something i really couldnt care about. Marriage issues, whatever. But I come to find out that my dad is putting words in my mouth to try and hurt my mom( moreso the lying on me gets me angry, than than the insults)...
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    This is the End. In theaters summer 2013

    I think this may be the one to surpass Superbad and 40 year old virgin, IMO. that dialogue sounds on point
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    Guess my dream of seeing a Good Burger sequel will never happen

    maybe this was already posted that sucks, considering it would be a good look for Kel to be on a major show. I kinda see both sides tho. Keenan may not wanna be known as the guy from Keenan and kel, but on the other side he's not really that funny. Kel always was the one imo that made everything
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    Frank Caliendo's Steven A. Smith Impersonation >>>

    I thought jay pharoah did ok, but his voice sucked
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    Anybody else watch Aots, or use to. Gonna pour a 40 for Kper

    Greatest live tv show host Ive seen. Its a shame he's leaving even if the show hasnt been the same in a few years
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    Beauty pageant winner caught in ugly controversy. Over not being "fijian" enough and her age newly crowned beauty queen in Fiji, who sparked an outcry because of her mixed heritage, was asked to give up her title because of her age, not her race, according to pageant officials. Torika Watters, 16, was chosen last month to represent...
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    Anybody ever have a nightmare while you are in a public place?

    Its a horrible feeling.I'm snoozing in my marketing lecture when I have this horrible nightmare. I wake up sweating and everything and I kinda wanted to yell a little bit but I fought it. I may have farted but if I did it was silent. I just wonder if I was tossing and turning while I was...
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    Dragonballz for the Kinect Who else is coppin? Ive always wanted to charge up a kamehameha
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    What are you thoughts on talking to and asking a girl out to coffee or something on FB

    Let me start off by saying I know this isnt the best way to ever ask somebody out. Its pretty much a last resort. I dont live on campus anymore and the chances of me running into said girl are a toss up. I have been seeing her more and more recently (probably luck), but unless there's a black...
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    Any1 here deal with social anxiety/phobia?

    I do, and its starting to wear a little thin with me. Being in a setting like college and interning is the worst for me. I can easily deal with the 1 on 1's with people that I know but the whole public speaking, being out in crowds and talking to strangers is torture. Talking to chicks is a...
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