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  1. memp2atl85

    Who Be Snappin'??

    I was listening to this new Gates EP and came across this song. Made me wonder about other artists and songs where they catch a flow and start gassin', spazzin', whatever you call it. Gates caught this beat and started going off. And he does this on several songs. You don't have to like the...
  2. memp2atl85

    Jordan 12 French Blue Legit Check

    How do these look to you guys?
  3. memp2atl85

    Cruise Wear

    Going on a cruise in June and need to start picking up a couple things for it. I'm gone be in total relax and drunk mode so Slides, basketball shorts, and Polo tees will be worn the entire time unless I'm at a formal dinner. I have some Nike Slides that are beat. What are the most comfortable...
  4. memp2atl85

    Best city for a single black male?

    Hey guys, I'm accepting a new position at work here in Memphis making $50,000 a year. The one stipulation is that they want me to be ready to move up again within a year or two and that more than likely will require relocation. I have to give 5 cities that I would be willing to move to should...
  5. memp2atl85

    What was wrong with my thread

    Mods, why was my thread about Rick Flair's excellence deleted ?
  6. memp2atl85

    Watched The Wire then Breaking Bad...what's next

    I just finished watching the entire Breaking Bad series...I saw that a lot of people were comparing it to The Wire as far as a good TV series goes and I wanted to see what it was all about...Damn good show but not quite there...Can you guys recommend me another good series to begin? Doesn't...
  7. memp2atl85

    Thoughts on Pimpin'?

    Long story short... this chick straight up chose me today... She not at all attractive to me, but I wouldn't mind marrying her purse... It's not like I'm the one turning her out... She says she already has plenty of clients and can hand me a strong stack every week... I know you're like, what's...
  8. memp2atl85

    Chris Brown Cameo in Old Cash Money Video

    Anybody know which one it was? Me and my boy tryin to remember... He was in the background when a group of folks was posing in front a house... Don't know if it was a Wayne, Hot Boys, Baby, or Big Tymers video
  9. memp2atl85

    Recommend me Albums with Good Artists at their Best

    I'm slimming down my library and I just want good artists and their best product. I already have the following Jay- DP, AG, Black Album Nas- Illmatic and It Was Written T.I.- Trap Muzik and Paper Trail Eminem - MMLP, SSLP, Eminem Show Elzhi - Preface Lil Wayne - Carter 1 and 2 Lupe Fiasco -...
  10. memp2atl85

    Coming live from the Terror Dome,

    Shining lights on n***** who got they skirts on tight with mascara on All I have ever known Is 28 in a zone Give me a day and it's gone A brick of yay and it's on You have never known Me to run less I'm gunnin at n***** domes and runnin em out they own territory Every story got a flip side to it...
  11. memp2atl85

    Niketalk I'm Almost a Quarter Century..

    Turned 24 today. Feeling like an old man. Not.
  12. memp2atl85

    NBA: Rondo play on Miller Stands, NO Suspension. Why not?

    Seeing as how DHoward was suspended because he wasn't thrown out of the game, why isn't Rondo being suspended for game 6? He obviously wasn'tpunished enough for his foul on Brad Miller in game 5.
  13. memp2atl85

    Average Baseball Top Plays Do Not Belong in Top Ten Highlights!!!

    I find that baseball highlights can be done easier by the average person (say you or me) than say a football top play or a basketball top play...hell evengolf. Unless it's a grand slam, crazy double play turn (or triple play), a crazy catch over the wall, or a great pick up of the ball out of...
  14. memp2atl85

    Best Hard R&B

    Any songs yall can put me on. I f****s wit Trey Song. I ain't too much on that R&B where dudes be tryin to woo the chicks. Can't ride to it. Guess I ain't grown enough.
  15. memp2atl85

    Overused Term - Unselfish Superstar

    Just heard these folks on TNT talkin' bout LeBron. Can anyone give me an example of a selfish superstar with decentteammates?
  16. memp2atl85

    Automatic Desktop Rotation

    Is there a program that can change my desktop background by itself? Help me out if so.
  17. memp2atl85

    Best Soulja Slim Songs/Albums?

    My N.O. NT members and fans the like, put me on some Soulja Slim. My homeboy was bumpin some cd the other day but I ain't get to ask him which one it was. Didn't know Slim could go in like that.
  18. memp2atl85

    Women's Basketball Pisses Me Off

    Anybody else think women's basketball should be played on a smaller rim to go with the smaller ball? You know two men's size b-balls fit in the rim atthe same time, diameter-wise. Maybe they would be better shooters. I been thinkin this for a minute.
  19. memp2atl85

    Grapes in Atl?

    I know they a while away, but somebody hit me up on my PM for a good place that will have Grapes without the long lines.
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