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  1. Velle47

    Jordan retro 1 royal

    225 plus shipping firm
  2. Velle47

    Song Info

    Random question anybody know the name of an older starts off as Bass Bass the it goes bbbb bbbb bass bbbb bass bass bass on a continuous loop?
  3. Velle47

    Space jam xi legit check

  4. Velle47

    Space jam xi lc

    Please delete
  5. Velle47

    Jordan 12 Black Red Legit check

  6. Velle47

    Jordan black toe 1

  7. Velle47

    Yeti Cups

    What's the word on them fambily. Overrated or Nah These cups right here I see them everywhere.
  8. Velle47

    Does Anybody Else Not Fool With Haunted Houses?

    sup NT fambily, With Halloween approaching I'm sure we're gonna get these threads. Anybody else never been to a haunted house? Almost went last year but I backed out just aint for me.
  9. Velle47

    Group Work Unappreciation Thread

    I'm sure many NTers have been in a similar situation. Group work sucks especially when you have two group members who are buddy buddy and wants everybody to meet at a certain time to try to compile an assignement when this could be easily handled via Skype,ovoo, etc. My group members wanted me...
  10. Velle47

    NT Texas Chime In

    Is Texas really where it's at. Everyone I know is moving to Texas post college and are making bank. I flip through people IGS and it seems like dudes are really making money down there.
  11. Velle47

    What should I be doing?

    Ok NT, after this summer term I'll only have 5 classes left in the fall and I will be done with undergrad. I will have a B.S. degree in Industrial Distribution. I've considered the option of grad school, but I am not sure if I want to attend it just yet. My question is what should I currently be...
  12. Velle47

    Official Pittsburgh Steelers Thread

    I didn't see one for the Steelers fans in here. If it's one already posted delete, if not feel free to join in.
  13. Velle47

    Halo MCC Code for AC UNITY and AC Blackflag Code

    Having a medium for a trade with MR.HIGHNESS
  14. Velle47

    Credit Questions

    I have a credit card right now. I've had it for a year it's the Barclay Card, but I'm considering getting a Discover card for the rewards they have. I'm pretty sure if I apply for the Discover card it would count as a hard inquiry but there was another hard inquiry when I applied for a car loan...
  15. Velle47


    I saw we had a Chipotle thread, but no Moe's. Anybody else like Moe's? If so what you get when you go. I usually get a Joey steak or steak nachos.
  16. Velle47

    Car questions

    I have a Crown Victoria paid off in full, but I want a smaller car for fuel efficiency. My question is would you trade your old car in for the sole purpose of having a bigger down payment?
  17. Velle47

    Grievances At Work

    I work at Sherwin Williams. We have a total of four employees a manager,assistant manager, and two part timers. I'm one of the part timers and it seems like I am being over worked. I have to take the shipment off the truck and put all the shipment up by myself majority of the time. I'm the only...
  18. Velle47

    Help Me Identify These Cazals

    I've searched years and years for these but can't seem to find a number, I'm hoping NT can help me thanks.
  19. Velle47

    To My IT Famb

    I'm about to start my junior year of college. I am majoring in IS. Are there any licenses that I could attempt to get before I graduate? I'm trying to get my foot in there door before I actually graduate. Any tips are greatly appreciated.
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