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  1. Girl Thats Jules

    2000-2001 Air Jordan XI sole being pre-yellowed

    I was having a discussion the other day with some friends and this came up. These guys were younger so they didn't believe that the early 2000s XI didn't have blue-tinted soles and sometimes, in extreme cases, looked like they were pre-yellowed out the box. (not intentionally of course.) (and...
  2. Girl Thats Jules

    Jordan 2 Low 2005 Question

    Does anyone know if these are wearable? I have 4 pairs and they’ve all got firm midsoles, nowhere near soft. They feel exactly as a wearable pair should but they’re all DS and that’s what makes me ask.
  3. Girl Thats Jules

    In NYC til tomorrow any good spots with old Nike basketball stuff?

    already been to flightclub. im lookin for any stores that might have older nike basketball stuff. uptempos, flights, pippens, barkleys, pennys, kidds, paytons, david robinsons,etc. anybody?
  4. Girl Thats Jules

    Just copped one of these machines,what should i fill it wit? (pics)

    i was thinking swisher sweets and condoms  somebody on nt has to have a money making idea
  5. Girl Thats Jules

    what does a half moon ceasar look like?

    i know what a ceasar looks like,whats the difference wit the half-moon? i just realized i been sayin this ghostface lyric for years and i dont even know what it looks like
  6. Girl Thats Jules

    Rare Unseen Michael Jordan footage from 1995-96

    from the 1995-96 72 win season this is some classic stuff it looks a lot more real than a television broadcast. i watched it while i was leaning and it was better than watching HD i'd like to see the quality before it got uploaded and compressed. you can really see how quick money was...
  7. Girl Thats Jules

    The G.O.A.T. Wrestling intro music of all time

    the greatest intro music ever im an eighties baby and hulk hogans theme was my fav for a min but austin kilt it especially durng royal rumbles or whenever he would come out unannounced when that glass shattered out of nowhere the crowd would go bananas then he would run into the ring...
  8. Girl Thats Jules

    Celtics and the all-stars of the decade

    garnett pierce allen sheed marbury cassell finley shaq J.O. i would have never guessed that nearly all of my favorite all stars from the past decade would end up playing on one team the past 3 years. all trying to get rings. thats why i like lebron,wade,and bosh playing together now instead...
  9. Girl Thats Jules

    Whats the longest read ever posted on Niketalk? Vol. not a long read

     I just saw the thread with the guy writing the story about getting out of jail after 2 years then posting about it. so it made me think,whats the longest article that has been posted on here ?  or what was the longest thing you've read on here? that Max B. real story thing was the...
  10. Girl Thats Jules

    Greatest Sports related Tweet ever

    when i was a kidd mcdonalds was givin out basketball cards wit every value meal you bought i went twice a day, like everyday for a month i think it was like 92-93 shaqs rookie year, so i was beastin for that shaq card i would be all anxious to open up the pack i wouldnt even worry, about the...
  11. Girl Thats Jules

    How many Girls are there on NT now? vol. Holiday last PYP of tha decade

    First Dipset break up and everyday i wake up.... some girl I never seen is postin on NT seriously though i was locked for exactly one year and nowthat im back the proliferation of females is for all you newbs that dont know,back in the day there were like 2 girls on NT, menace and ellaesco...
  12. Girl Thats Jules

    Tha Mobb got at Pac hardbody vol. Drop a Gem on'em

    well maybe not as hardbody as they could have because they never said his name in the song but it was Hav's verse was aight it had a couple gems in it but P went in
  13. Girl Thats Jules

    Remember these?

    " Poof " it was like a knockoff brand of Nerf I liked this brands footballs when i was a kidd because they were just foam footballs and they had a lil weight on'em so you could throw'em far i didnt really like the nerf footballs cuz most of 'em had a gimmick to'em like those spiral curve...
  14. Girl Thats Jules

    This aint the greatest verse ever but when i'm listening to it, it is.. vol. 98 live no replay

    NoReplays dont get me wrong EVERYBODY went in on this track but my boy kilt it it was the best verse of his short-lived career prolly my favorite posse cut of all time
  15. Girl Thats Jules

    Delete double post

  16. Girl Thats Jules

    Replay Media Catcher FTW Who uses this??

    This is one of the greatest programs I've ever used it automatically records any video that you watch off of any website I've already got that new clipse video downloaded and on all my ipods anybody else on here use this?
  17. Girl Thats Jules

    Gonna scan some old ESPN the magazines... Got some Questions.

    since ESPN the magazine is oversized format, i had a few questions. what resolution should i scan in? i was thinkin about scanning in a high resloution for archiving and a smaller one for viewing or posting on the internet. anybody got anything? .
  18. Girl Thats Jules

    Rondo Freezes Steve Nash

    Rondo Freezes Steve Nash
  19. Girl Thats Jules

    Sept. 23 Celebrate Bisexuality day lol today is celebrate bisexuality day didnt know they had a day .
  20. Girl Thats Jules

    NT guess who's back?

    after a year long hiatus I've returned like mike in the 45 anything new
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