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  1. Proposition Joe


    I mean we all knew jay wrote Dres verse but who knew he wrote the whole chorus too, dude wrote the whole song. The way snoop described everyone's verse being wack then Jay just coming in killling it :pimp:
  2. Proposition Joe

    Fellas, would you be okay with your child in a photo like this.

    I'm just curious. let's say you and the mother are no longer together, obviously you guys would date and see other people, but would seeing a picture of your son like this bother you?
  3. Proposition Joe

    Remy Ma-shETHER***Nicki Minaj diss***

  4. Proposition Joe

    Beyoncé knowles is pregnant with twins

    Jay just can't lose :{
  5. Proposition Joe

    Worldstarhiphop founder Dead at age 43
  6. Proposition Joe

    Pastor Jermaine Simmons apologizes to his church after getting caught sleeping with a church members

    Here's the full story
  7. Proposition Joe

    San Francisco Niketalkers, is this really how you guys are living?

    Are you guys really renting bunkbeds with a house full of people for $1800 a month
  8. Proposition Joe

    What's wrong with Essence magazine

  9. Proposition Joe

    Official kyyngg thread

    Who's checking for him? Slime season 4 coming September
  10. Proposition Joe

    So do all the white people hate Beyoncé now?

    Click the link and read the comments :{ Not just that link, every article I've seen regarding her video and super bowl performance majority white people seem to be upset
  11. Proposition Joe


    I have never, ever, seen some random nerd just come in and pimp rap, and the whole hiphop culture with no effort and with such ease its like this dude just woke up in 2015 and decided he wanted to be a rapper. He is from dallas but no one there has ever heard of dude, no shows, no radio...
  12. Proposition Joe

    Soulja boy has a new hit with this one

  13. Proposition Joe

    Pastor Creflow Dollar is asking for 60 million to purchase new G6 to spread the gospel across the gl

    His current plane is no longer working so he is asking that 200,000 people donate $300 to purchase a gulfstream 650 so he can continue his ministry across the world, check the promo below.........
  14. Proposition Joe

    JAY Z & BEYONCE "RUN" trailer

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