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  1. Raji Lowenthal

    Microsoft surface ad

    Anybody, Just me? When it pops up at the bottomI can no longer open threads.
  2. Raji Lowenthal

    NYC bans employment drug screenings for Marijuana Certain positions are exempt but I can get a p/t job at Home Depot now if I wanted. :smokin :lol
  3. Raji Lowenthal

    Electric skateboard advice

    Need advice on a graduation present for a relative. I've checked Ebay but dont really know what to look for. Prices range from a 150 to 700 and I'm willing to spend 3-350. Kid im buying for is active boarder already and will be mostly used as transportation on a city college campus. Appreciate...
  4. Raji Lowenthal

    Kylie Jenner youngest self made billionaire ever

    Congrats on the youngin making it on her own and making something out of nothing 8o
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